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Publications of Lysova Natalia Aleksandrovna
Philosophy and Culture, 2020-2
Lysova N.A. - Representation of image of the past in modern Russian historical fiction films pp. 12-26


Abstract: This article examines the problems of representation of images of the past in modern historical fiction film and TV series. The relevance of the topic is substantiated by current popularity of this genre of cinematography among audience. The younger generation refers to the historical fiction films as an easy-to-grasp source of information on the historical facts, events, processes and personalities. However, such trend carries a threat of disorientation of mass audience regarding the historical past. The article analyzes the concept of “image”, “artistic image”, “image of the past” and their specific features in the context of the subject of research. Attention is turned to complexity of interrelation of the concept of “historical film” and the introduced into mass media terminology stable lexical construct “pseudohistorical film”. The combination of two approaches became the foundation for this research: culturological approach allowed viewing the degree of representation of images of the mast in historical fiction cinematography; while multifaceted nature of the subject of research and versatility of theoretical and empirical materials suggest referring to interdisciplinary approach. Based on the analysis of modern historical fiction feature films and TV series, the author highlights the criteria that allows assessing the adequacy of image of the past and historical reality depicted on the screen. Such criteria include: veracity of reconstruction of material culture of a specific historical period; events and occurrences, social and historical processes of the reproduced historical time; accuracy of interpretation of mentality of a particular cultural-historical period; original view of the film creators upon history; original understanding and interpretation of historical processes, events and phenomena, etc. Within the framework of this article, emphasis is made on the first two criteria.
Philosophy and Culture, 2019-11
Lysova N.A. - Media culture as a factor in the formation of subcultures: culturological aspect (on the example of the movements of survivalism and УreclusionФ) pp. 13-22


Abstract: This article analyzes the phenomenon of media culture as one of the aspects of modern sociocultural realities and its interpretation from the perspective of culturological and philosophical discourses. Special attention is dedicated to the impact of media culture overall and media images (as cultural texts) in particular upon the mentality and worldview of its carriers and consumers. An attempt is made to examine media culture as one of the factors contributing to the formation of such subcultures as survivalism and “reclusion”. The author uses information approach to explore the aforementioned subcultures as a process and result of the synthesis of social and information phenomena. System approach suggest viewing media culture and subcultures, forming around and within it, as a part of sociocultural realities. The scientific novelty consists in the author’s attempt to determine in the context of culturological research the grounds of the established in modern postindustrial information type of culture and developing subcultures of survivalists and “recluses”; as well as in the analysis of representation of these subcultures in media culture and forms of their popularization.
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