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Publications of Paulyus Paul' Iozef
Culture and Art, 2018-6
Paulyus P.I. - The Phenomenon of Scandinavian Myth in Contemporary Pop Culture Based on the Example of the Vikings TV Series pp. 66-75


Abstract: The subject of the research is the problem of using mythological plots with philosophical connotations in contemporary motion picture industry. The object of the research is the development of contemporary motion picture industry. The researcher analyzes how the phenomenon of Scandinavian myth is reflected and transformed in collective consciousness. Paulyus focuses on fatalization of Scandinavian myth which can be traced through the development of contemporary pop culture. The author of the article describes specific features of the aforesaid process based on the analysis of the Vikings TV series and demonstrates an active synthesis of historical and mythological plots building a special cultural landscape with rich philosophical connotations. The author bases his research on comparative historical and chronological research methods allowing to trace back an active application of the destructive stereotype of how Scandinavian culture is perceived, namely Scandinavian myth. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author appeals to the practical inclusion of this mythological concept into the realities of a contemporary multicultural tradition as a special factor of the development of a new historical cultural space that creates the phenomenon of instrumentalization of previous cultural historical practices that are being transformed in the global discourse. With that being said, the author has made the following conclusions: 1. Active use of a set of cliches that create Scandinavian myth as a specific cultural phenomenon is an essential part of contemporary motion picture industry. This phenomenon is based on the principle of fatalistic providence and demonstrates a cyclicity of existence. 2. This philosophical concept has already turned into an independent archetype of collective consciousness, has gone beyond the borders of the Scandinavian Peninsula and has comprised a multicultural phenomenon today. 
Culture and Art, 2018-6
Paulyus P.I., Ovchinnikov V.M. - Spatial-Temporal Aspects of the Development of Gaming Universes Based on the Example of The Gothic Role-Playing Game pp. 76-89


Abstract: The object of the research is the phenomenon of the artificial reality. The authors of the article analyze theoretical and practical aspects of the nature of the artificial reality. They interpret these factors as the factor of transformation of collective consciousness based on instrumentalization of one's previous experience which relates to an intensive use of basic mythologemes in contemporary pop culture. Scandinavian myth is an example of such mythologemes. The subject of the research is the mythologemes and various archetypical constructs as these are presented in the Gothics gaming universe interpreted by the authros as a specific marker of the gaming industry development. The authors base their research on using chronological and semiotic methods as well as the method of historicism. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author analyzes gaming universes (based on the analysis of one of them) as a mechanism of transformation of collective consciousness in terms of contemporary pop culture development. For several decades computer industry has used the phenomenon of Scandinavian myth that is based on provinciality with a feelable fatalistic tendency which has become one of the factors of popularization of the Nordic archetype and all its attributes in a modern multicultural global society which is the result of both conscious and unconscious use of this image. 
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