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Publications of Shendrikov Aleksandr
Cybernetics and programming, 2015-6
Basin N.A., Ermakova L., Shendrikov A. - The development of subsystems of the automated scheduling the movie renting system of a cinema center. pp. 71-84


Abstract: The object of research is the process of scheduling the movie renting system of a cinema center. The subject of research is the development of a automated scheduling subsystem which allows to minimize the idle time of a cinema center. When making a schedule it is important to take into account a number of restrictions of movie rental companies, exclude the possibility of simultaneous display of one film in different cinema rooms (with the exception of films, which are very popular with the lack of availability in other cinema rooms), ensure that the best show time goes to the movies with the box office sales. When developing a subsystem of automated scheduling the authors used method of deduction, in which a conclusion about a common set studied attributes is made based on a variety of partial signs, method of analysis and method of mathematical modeling. The main result of the research is the developed software solution based on 1C:Enterprise for automated scheduling the movie renting system of a cinema center while taking into account existing criteria and restrictions. Novelty is that based on the list of movies specified by the user the subsystem forms a mathematical entity of an objective function and limitations of the system and transfers it to an optimizer. As the result while making a schedule the user uses only the information system of a cinema center. For the end-user it is not necessary to deal with the interface to other programs and modules, as well as the mathematical notation of the objective function and the constraints of the system. Currently the automated scheduling subsystem is integrated in the work process of the network of cinemas "Planeta Kino" and has been successfully used for a year.
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