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Publications of Strizhov Alexey Yurievich
Philosophy and Culture, 2015-9
Strizhov A.Y. - The Balance of Values at the Time of Social Revolutions


Abstract: In the process of social development culture performs the function of 'crystallisation' of economic changes. At the time of social revolutions antagonism between different classes reaches the point when it can't be overcome and, as a result, culture and social values happen to be in different coordinate systems which leads to more misunderstanding between classes. Consequently, values that used to unite people of different social groups stop existing in the period of revolutions. The broken balance of values is expressed at the three levels, structural, cultural-historical and individual ones, which agrees to Marx' triad 'general-particular-singular'. The aforesaid disharmony is the subject of the present research. The research is based on the concept of socioeconomic formations that is used to study social development. Classical Marxism is enriched with the author admitting a more active role of the cultural 'superstructure' in the hsitorical process. The main method of the research is the historical comparative analysis. The author of the article describes the three groups of values. According to the author,  the balance between these groups of values 'crystallise' the interaction between the formal historical and specific historical logics of social development. Not only a specific culture changes the course of history but so does the historical memory of a nation, general symbols and myths that express the entire system of values of a community. The system of values legitimate (or reject) this or that form of social restructuring which makes it to be one of the drivers of social development. In some countries Peasants' War never turns into revolution (like in Germany of the XVIth century) and in other countries it does lead to a revolution or even an execution of a king (England of the XVIIth century). 
Man and Culture, 2014-5
Strizhov A.Y. - The role of УspecialФ in society pp. 50-58


Abstract: Human societies are not similar, although in its development subject to the general laws. However, a separate social organism lives in the unique concrete historical environment - as a result, he produce specific forms of adaptation to the environment. This feature we can see in the specific characters of the people in the forms of industrial relations in a particular technique. Systematic amendments contributes peculiar aspect of society’ life in specific circumstances to the development. It is the subject of our research.The special aspects of human life in society consist of the historical memory, values, development strategies, etc. We should see how all these elements of culture and politics develop a specific aspect of life of all social classes. The basis for research on the role of political and cultural superstructure taken the concept of cultural "hegemony" of Antonio Gramsci.The specifics of the social development is expressed in the motivating forces that allow people together, regardless of their social status, to consolidate certain tasks. “Special” in the collective life lives always. However, while it is not meaningful, it is simply a synthesis of “Common” and “Single”. “Special” is becoming an effective force when there is a creative interpretation of it. This is emergency of ideology, the balance between value systems of different classes. In times of crisis stories “special” becomes a force for significant changes in the social structure.
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