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Publications of Khusyainov Timur Maratovich
Philosophical Thought, 2019-4
Kutyrev V.A., Slyusarev V.V., Khusyainov T.M. - I am an anthropo-conservator: want do remain humanfor as long as possible pp. 50-61


Abstract: This research is dedicates to the discussion of V. V. Slyusarev and T. M. Khusyainov with V. A. Kutyrev on his new book “The Owl of Minerva Flies at Twilight” (selected philosophical texts of the XXI century; SPb “Aleteya”, 2018). The article considers the impact of the unfolding Fourth Industrial Revolution upon the future opportunities of humans. V. A. Kutyrev leans on the conservative representation on human as a patrimonial creature, whose corporeal nature conflicts with the scientific and technical progress. The author examines admissibility and boundaries of transformation of human due to the innovative technologies. The discussion contains the analytical and hermeneutic methods, comparative and critical approaches of philosophizing. V. A. Kutyrev defends the anthropo-conservative vector in philosophy, which key value is the human in combination of his manifestations as biological, social, and creative being. It is demonstrated that the modern trends (digitalization, feminization, and effacing of boundaries between genders, and transformation of philosophy into STS) lead to degrading of human, reducing his biological and creative beginnings to the minimum. In order to retain human identity, it is necessary to establish the system of conscious control over technological development, in the context of which the philosophy must exercise not only methodological, but also axiological role.
Trends and management, 2019-2
Khusyainov T.M. - Unemployment problem among the residents of Greenland: statistical analysis pp. 91-97


Abstract: The object of this research is the regional job market of the Island of Greenland. The author analyzes the employment situation of Greenland as of 2010-2014, focusing on the problem of unemployment on the regional job market, its rate, structure and characteristics. Particular attention is given to the occurrence of seasonal unemployment in the job market overall, as well as separate economic sectors. The author also considers the territorial aspect and its impact on the unemployment rate. The main research method is the statistical data analysis of the StatBank Greenland, review of Danish legislation and regional regulatory acts of Greenland. Having analyzes the regional job market of the Island of Greenland alongside the unemployment problem among its residents, the author concludes on the significant dependence of employment rate on the season, including its major economic branch – the fishing industry. Another important feature is the strong differentiation in employment rate between the cities according to their size and location.
Philosophy and Culture, 2018-8
Slyusarev V.V., Khusyainov T.M. - Big challenges of Digital Revolution pp. 23-29


Abstract: The subject of this article is the impact of Digital Revolution on human civilization. The development and active implementation of digital technologies leads to serious transformation in the structure and functionality of the government and society, as well as influences the life of each individual. The authors focus on the processes of globalization and their results produced in the conditions of digital society. Special attention is given to the problem of creative abilities of a human, which stops being an existential experience, but becomes mundane, and then a social debt of a person. As a result of this analysis, the author determined the outlines of a number of big challenges aroused before humanity and led to the process of digitalization (implementation and distribution of digital technologies). In particular, it is the formation of the new global virtual reality, which provides the pseudo-empirical experience and deprives human of the need for physical self-realization. The authors assume that humanity apprehends the critical danger of the idea of “revolutionary progress” and will shift to the new paradigm of the scientific-technological and social development.
Theoretical and Applied Economics, 2018-1
Khusyainov T.M. - Review of the regional labor marker of Greenland: main economic branches and number of employed workers pp. 35-41


Abstract: The object of this research is the regional labor market of Greenland. An attempt is made to analyze the state of the labor market of Greenland in accordance with the data of 2015. The author examines and compares the key branches of national economy and the number of the employed. Separate attention is given to the differences in distribution of workers based on the industry of the economy between the four municipalities of Greenland. In addition, the author considers the territorial distinctions of each municipality and determines the leading industries within. The key method of research lies in the statistical analysis of the data of StatBank Greenland, as well as examination of Denmark’s legislation and the regional normative legal acts of Greenland. Having examined the regional labor market of the autonomous country of Greenland, the author makes a conclusion of the importance of such sectors as public administration and services; fishing, hunting and agriculture; and trade. The author emphasizes the differentiation in economic spheres between the municipalities; each of them has its peculiarities depending of the climatic, geographical, and socioeconomic factors.
Philosophy and Culture, 2017-7
Khusyainov T.M. - From labor society to employment society pp. 32-40


Abstract: The problem of employment is one of the most fundamental in the development and functioning of human society. Therefore, the concept of "work" as a specific kind of human activity is rightfully occupies a central place in the most philosophical, sociological and economic theories. This article discusses the problem of correlation between the concepts of "work" and "employment" and their place in human activities. For many centuries, the concept of "work" and invest in its value has changed significantly, it transformed itself with human labor. In this work, the author, using a variety of sources, makes an attempt to define the conceptual and terminological apparatus. Through comparison of general scientific methods, the author divides the concept of "work" and "employment". Based on the analysis of classical and non-classical labor theory is the assumption that the transformation of society in the labor employment society. While the society of the past could be described as the labor society, at the more recent stage it became an employment society. In addition, the author suggests perceiving the work acitivy  from three different perspectives: socio-philosophical, sociological, and economic.
Sociodynamics, 2017-5
Khusyainov T.M., Urusova E.A. - Self-esteem of professionalism in the context of the ontogenetic approach periodization working life pp. 72-82


Abstract: This article discusses the problems of professional formation. The subject of this research is the self-esteem of the level of professionalism. Based on empirical data, the authors examine the self-esteem of professionals depending on the periods of their lives, associating with the stages of professional career.  The theoretical basis leans on the ontogenetic approach, the foundation for periodization in which are the stages regarding the chronological age of a worker. Significant advantage of such periodization can be considered not only the possibility of studying the universal trends in professional development that do not depend on the type of activity and profession, but also the clearly specified stages of professional cycle viewed as a component of the human life cycle. The study is based on both, theoretical developments based on the study of the Russian and foreign scientific literature and empirical data obtained during statistical calculations based on RLMS-HSE (2014). The article presents data that testify to the fact that the subjective assessment of the level of professionalism increases at certain age periods, which may be due to the character of work, level of involvement into it, as well as personal qualities and abilities for self-realization in the selected discipline; all of these aspects allow considering this process in the context of ontogenetic approach.
Genesis: Historical research, 2017-1
Khusyainov T.M. - Siege coins of the Polish Zamość Fortress minted during the siege by the Russian army in 1813 pp. 107-117


Abstract: This article examines the unique for Polish numismatics case of minting the siege coins (second after besieging Gdansk by the army of Stephen Báthory in 1577). The author briefly reviews the circumstances, under which took place the siege of the Zamość Fortress in 1813, during the period of Napoleonic Wars, namely the retreat of the Great Army of Napoleon and advance of the Russian Empire army (foreign crusades). Under the conditions when all the cash money were spent for the needs of defenders of the fortress, the commander of the defending fortress M. Hauge made a decision on the emission of private coin. This work is based on in the materials on history and numismatics, examples of the coins, as well as Polish, American, and Russian sources. Despite all of the efforts to eliminate, the coins of Zamość Fortress held its place in the body of coins and medals of the period of Napoleonic Wars, and became an important national heritage and patriotic symbol, memory for the future generations about the heroic defense. The coins minted during the siege of Zamość Fortress in 1813 are the second (after the siege of Gdansk in 1577) and the last case of the siege coins in Polish numismatic, which is especially interesting for the research.
Politics and Society, 2017-1
Khusyainov T.M. - Online employment in Nizhny Novgorod Region: socio-demographic portray of a local freelancer


Abstract: The goal of this work is the perception and analysis of certain data from the sociological survey of online employment – the socio-demographic characteristics of the online employees residing in Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod Region. The author highlights the gender and age structure of this category, family status, level of education and its discipline (technical, humanitarian, or natural scientific), as well as defines the fields of activity selected by the online employees depending on the gender and sphere of education. The research was conducted over the period of February-May of 2013; 160 respondents were polled. As demonstrated by the results of the survey, the main category of the online employed population is represented by young people with high education; similar to other spheres, gender margin is gradually fades away, but still evident in the choice of activity: women lean more towards working with the texts, while men are prone to programming. Although, it is not a strict rule.  
Financial Law and Management, 2017-1
Khusyainov T.M. - Legal Regulation of the E-Work in the UK: The Main Stages of the Formation of the National Legislation pp. 49-56


Abstract: This paper discusses the basic stages of formation and characteristics of national labor UK legislation affecting the regulation of online employment and the impact on it of norms of the "European Framework Agreement on Telework» ( "European Framework agreement on telework") - the document by the European Council adopted in 2002 as a result of a dialogue with the main European social partners.Each European country has chosen its way of implementation of the European framework agreement according to their labor laws. In this work the author considers a unique way of the UK. The research methods include the analysis of the legal framework of Great Britain and the European Union, Russian and foreign scientific literature as well as sociological and statistical studies. As part of this work the author has defined the basic stages of formation of the Internet standards of employment regulation (Telework) in the UK and has marked national characteristics of the process. The author of the article has also highlighted the role of national and supranational laws in the formation of labor legislation in the field of Internet regulation of employment.
Legal Studies, 2016-12
Khusyainov T.M. - The process of formation and the peculiarities of the legal regulation of the Internet employment in the labour legislation of France pp. 9-16


Abstract: The paper studies the process of formation of the national labour legislation of France in the sphere of legal regulation of the Internet employment and its dependence on the supranational labour legislation – the provisions of the 2012 “European Framework Agreement on Telework”. Despite the rapidly growing interest of the modern scholars in the new forms and types of employment, including those based on the Internet technologies, the development of foreign and European labour legislation, especially the provisions of the labour legislation of France in the sphere of the Internet employment regulation, hasn’t been studied sufficiently enough, and needs to be considered more thoroughly. The author analyzes the legislative framework of France and the European Union, Russian and foreign scientific literature and the sociological and statistical research data. The author defines the peculiarities of the integration of the “European Framework Agreement on Telework” into the national labour legislation of France, notes the level of its implementation compared with some other European states. The author outlines the role of the national and supranational law in the formation of the labour legislation in the sphere of the Internet employment regulation. 
Politics and Society, 2016-8
Khusyainov T.M. - Sociological analysis of social interaction on the Internet labor market


Abstract: This article analyzes and systematizes the theoretical approaches on sociological study of social interaction on the Internet labor market. Despite the rapid growth of atypical employment, including Internet employment, the theoretical study of this issue is currently insufficient and requires further research. The author discusses such foundations, which justify the specificity of the Internet labor market, as well as peculiarities of social interaction of the major actors, in the conditions of virtual communication. The method of this research lies in theoretical analysis of sociological theories of social interaction and comparison of the basic aspects of Internet employment. During the course of analysis of the Internet labor market, the author examines the system of interrelationship between the Internet employee and the hire. The use of several sociological approaches reveals various aspects of interaction on the Internet labor market from the moment of mutual search until the end of partnership.
Politics and Society, 2016-3
Yanak A.L. - Practices of post-divorce fatherhood: some problems in realization of parental role


Abstract: This article reviews complications in realization of paternal role among the representative of one if the most important and interesting from the social and scientific points of view forms of post-divorce fatherhood: fathers who independently bring up child/children after the divorce, as well as fathers who live separately from their children after the divorce. The relevance of this problem is substantiated by the fact that despite its growing demand in the scientific discourse, there is a lack of theoretical and empirical data with regards to the obstacles in realization of the paternal functions after the divorce, motives of continuing a parental role, individual issues of fathers on different stages of the divorce process, and the typologies of the post-divorce fatherhood. This work demonstrates that there are differences in the structure of problems itself that are associated with the realization of the paternal role after the divorce among the single fathers, and among the non-resident fathers, as well as in their studies. For example, when considering the post-divorce paternal families, as a rule, the attention is focused namely of the general family issues and disbalances (material, psychological, household, pedagogical, and the problem of family balance and single father employment); while in studying the relationship between the separately living father and children, the attention is drawn to just certain aspects of parents-children relations: presence and regularity of visits, and alimony payments. Thus, the acquired results have a high theoretical and practical importance.
Urban Studies, 2016-3
Khusyainov T.M. - Where do the university students reside? (On the example of N. I. Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University) pp. 11-16


Abstract: This work examines the question of where and with whom do the students of N. I. Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University reside. The conditions of where and with whom the university students live during the education process in many aspects depend of their financial situation, where they resided before, and a number of other factors. Within the framework of this research, we will underline the gender, geographical, age, and financial aspects. The data acquired during surveying the students of Nizhny Novgorod State University in spring of 2015 (N-688) is implemented in this work. As the result of this research, based on the empirical data, the author determined the main options of the students’ place of residence. The author makes an attempt of interpretation of the acquired results referring to the economic status and gender differences. The examination of the living conditions of the students can give new information for better understanding of this specific socio-demographical group.
Trends and management, 2016-2
Khusyainov T.M. - Socioeconomic status of E-workers in the Nizhny Novgorod region (on materials of sociological research)


Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present and analyze the data of sociological research on the socioeconomic situation of the employees in the Internet, living in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Among the considered socioeconomic aspects of the Internet workers, the author focuses on the employment issues such as the degree of importance among of other earners, wage levels, and types of employment contract. The author examines in detail aspects such as income levels, the degree of importance of earnings resulting from the Internet in the structure of employment income and socio-economic risks of Internet employment. The work was based on the results of two sociological surveys: an online survey of Internet employees, living in the Nizhny Novgorod region (N = 140), and discourse analysis of professional Internet Forum (N = 2085). Internet-employment can be seen today as a major source of income, it can generate real revenue, and in the opinion of a quarter of respondents, it can generate an even higher income than that of traditional employment, which is not an axiom, since in the conditions of increasing competition in the Internet work, legal issues, and economic uncertainty, the risks of social and economic nature are also increasing.
Sociodynamics, 2016-2
Kormshchikov D.A. - Main directions of development of the regional social policy in the concepts of its main constituents and institutions of civil society pp. 117-129


Abstract: The object of this research is the social policy in Russia. Beginning with the establishment in absolutely new socioeconomic realities of the early 1990’s, Russia’s social policy is in the stage of continuous development, which is reflected in the variety of the federal programs, as well as social projects. The subject of this work is the determination of the relevant directions and trends in development of the regional social policy in the perception of its main constituents. The author thoroughly examines the work of new constituents of social policy, which allows decreasing burden of government as a general-accepted guarantor of the social support of citizens, and also finding new ways for solution of social problems. This work examines the work of government and institutions of civil society on the implementation of social policy, describing the main principles and motifs of their work. The results of the conducted research can serve as the basis for elaboration of proposition on modernization of the regional social policy, taking into account the most relevant issues, determined in the course of this work.
Law and Politics, 2016-1
Khusyainov T.M. - Peculiarities of the legal regulation of telework in Poland


Abstract: This article reviews the legal regulation of telework in the labor legislation of the Republic of Poland. The subject of this research is the processes of establishment of Polish labor law and peculiarities of the implementation of the “Framework Agreement of Telework” passed by the European Union. Despite the rapidly growing interest of modern researches towards new forms of employment, including those based on Internet technologies, there is insufficient research of foreign legislation (especially Polish) and requires close attention of the scholars. Within the framework of this article the author makes the following determinations: peculiarities and level of implementation of the “Framework Agreement of Telework” into Polish labor legislation in comparison to some other member-states of the European Union; comparison of the conceptual apparatus; the basic rights and responsibilities of telework employees and their employers in Poland.
Finance and Management, 2016-1
Khusyainov T.M. - Overview of the Labor Market of the Republic of Tatarstan: Branches of the Economy and Prospects of Regional Development pp. 37-50


Abstract: The specific features of the formation, distribution and use of human resources in a given region are determined by regional differences in natural conditions and resources, demographic base and economic potential, which leads to the development of specific abnormalities in the functioning of the labor market in the region, the current level and structure of employment, etc. Regional specific features are also the cause of differences in part of the response of local labor markets to changing economic conditions. In this article, the author attempts to analyze the state of the labor market of the Republic of Tatarstan as of 2014. Attention is paid to the issues such as: the structure of the labor force (gender, age, education), the main sectors of the economy represented in the Republic, the levels of unemployment and migration in Tatarstan. As the main research method, Husiyanov has used the analysis of statistical data provided by the governmental statistics agencies, Rosstat and TatStat. As the findings of this study, it may be noted that at present the labor market in the Republic of Tatarstan is in the process of restructuring: the value of some sectors of employment declines, while others grow. The registered unemployment rate on the labor market at the moment is not high, but it is probably due to the small number of appeals made by the population to the governmental employment services. 
International Law, 2016-1
Khusyainov T.M. - Regulation of the Internet employment in the legislation of Italy: influence upon the national and supranational law pp. 34-41


Abstract: This article examines the process of formation of the national labor legislation of Italy in the area of legal regulation of Internet employment and the influence of the supranational labor law upon it – “European Framework Agreement on Telework”. Despite the fast growing interest of the modern researchers towards the new forms and types of employment, including those that are based on the Internet technologies, the elaboration of the foreign and European labor legislation (namely the norm of labor law in the era of regulation of the Internet employment in Italy) is currently insufficient and requires more detailed attention from the scholars. Within the framework of this work the author determines the peculiarities of implementation of the “European Framework Agreement on Telework” into the national labor law of Italy, as well as underlines the level of implementation in comparison with some other countries of the European Union. The role of the national and supranational law in the establishment of the Italian labor law in the area of the Internet employment regulation is being defined.
Sociodynamics, 2016-1
Khusyainov T.M., Yanak A.L. - The problem of incomplete and overtime employment in the context of the balance of family and work (for example, single-parent father's family in Russia) pp. 75-91


Abstract: Steady spread of alternative family practices, among which are single-parent families as one of the dominant type of family relations, make scientific and public interest in their realities and problems. One of the key difficulties in their functioning is the correct distribution of single parent of their time and effort to work and family. In the case of single-father's family, this problem has a number of specific features associated with the notion of masculine identity, in particular in relation to occupational aspirations and attitudes, as well as the refusal of outside help in solving financial problems. The article describes the characteristics of atypical forms of employment (for example, underemployment and over employment), in the context of the implementation of their balance parental roles and household responsibilities in single-parent families. Within the framework of this research the authors determined the negative consequences of the spread of certain forms of atypical employment (part-time and overtime) for single-parent families (on the example of single-farther parenting). Later the authors will examine the effect of destandartization of employment and various forms of atypical employment upon the carrying out of different type of marriage relationship and parental practices, as well as define the problems emerging in their combination.
Philosophy and Culture, 2015-9
Strizhov A.Y. - The Balance of Values at the Time of Social Revolutions


Abstract: In the process of social development culture performs the function of 'crystallisation' of economic changes. At the time of social revolutions antagonism between different classes reaches the point when it can't be overcome and, as a result, culture and social values happen to be in different coordinate systems which leads to more misunderstanding between classes. Consequently, values that used to unite people of different social groups stop existing in the period of revolutions. The broken balance of values is expressed at the three levels, structural, cultural-historical and individual ones, which agrees to Marx' triad 'general-particular-singular'. The aforesaid disharmony is the subject of the present research. The research is based on the concept of socioeconomic formations that is used to study social development. Classical Marxism is enriched with the author admitting a more active role of the cultural 'superstructure' in the hsitorical process. The main method of the research is the historical comparative analysis. The author of the article describes the three groups of values. According to the author,  the balance between these groups of values 'crystallise' the interaction between the formal historical and specific historical logics of social development. Not only a specific culture changes the course of history but so does the historical memory of a nation, general symbols and myths that express the entire system of values of a community. The system of values legitimate (or reject) this or that form of social restructuring which makes it to be one of the drivers of social development. In some countries Peasants' War never turns into revolution (like in Germany of the XVIth century) and in other countries it does lead to a revolution or even an execution of a king (England of the XVIIth century). 
Politics and Society, 2015-8
Lakomova A.A., Khusyainov T.M. - The Impact of Migration on the Regional Labour Market (as exemplified by the Nizhny Novgorod region)


Abstract: The subject of the research in this article are the factors that influence both the migration process and the market of labour resources in the Nizhny Novgorod region and in Russia as a whole. In this paper, the authors focus on the causes of internal and external migration of young professionals in the Russian labour market. In addition, the researchers identify the factors that motivate future professionals to work in the commercial sphere, as well as the factors that prevent the young adults from doing their profession in the public sector institutions. Also, the authors carried out a statistical overview of the salaries in the fields of health, culture, education and social protection. Official statistics of the Federal Migration Service and the Federal State Statistics Service of the Nizhny Novgorod region were used as research methods in this article; analysis of the sociological and socio-economic scientific literature was conducted too. This article presents a theoretical analysis of the factors and some features of migratory streams to the Russian Federation and in particular to the Nizhny Novgorod region. The analysis of topics in this scientific work is conducted in two directions. The first direction is the internal immigration of the Nizhny Novgorod citizens to more socioeconomically attractive regions of Russia and foreign countries. The second trend involves the study of migratory streams to the Nizhny Novgorod region from Central Asia, North and South Caucasus.
Genesis: Historical research, 2015-4
Strizhov A.Y. - India XIX century: on the way to becoming a unified system of values pp. 27-35


Abstract: Value factor plays a huge role in the consolidation of society. Cultural "hegemony" of the ruling class forms the balance of attitudes of the entire social body. In the XIX century, Indian intellectuals began to create a new ideology. Faced with a number of obstacles in its path, the idea of national liberation could not equally quickly take root among the masses. The subject of our study - the formation of an all-India pre-image system of values, which was a significant step towards the liberation of the country from the British rule.The basis for research on the role of political and cultural superstructure taken the concept of cultural "hegemony" of Antonio Gramsci.The author offers a look at the core of culture, system of values, both factors will affect the appearance of the broad masses of ideas of national liberation. The complexity of education in colonial India unified system of values associated with internal religious, ethnic, economic and geographic diversity of the region. Bearer of values of liberation from British rule, which at first appeared only intellectuals, it was necessary to enlist the support of the masses. The inverse images of uniform for the whole of India socio-cultural values we can find in the pre-colonial period. However, the pursuit of economic, ethical and political solidarity against the power of foreigners has not yet occurred. The origin of the balance of values in the social environment has led to the beginning of the liberation of India from British rule, and evaluative factor began to gain an increasing share in social development.
Urban Studies, 2015-4
Khusyainov T.M. - Coworking centers in modern urban space pp. 14-21


Abstract: This paper examines the concept of coworking and coworking space in modern urban space. In addition to the definition of coworking, the article points out the defining features of this form of working space organization, the so-called "third places" that differ from the more conventional working environments. The author draws attention to the social aspects of this phenomenon and its role in the life of modern Internet-workers, as well as positive social, economic and environmental impact on the modern city, its infrastructure and its environment. The foundation of this work based on the materials of theoretical and empirical research. To determine the popularity of coworking centers of Nizhny Novgorod Internet-workers, we used data from the author's survey conducted in 2013 (N = 140). As we can see coworking centers are gradually becoming part of modern social infrastructure, addressing an important element in the formation of human existence in the city, and enables for the vital activities of separate groups of the population in the urban space and time. The concept of a coworking center solves a number of social, economic and environmental problems that arise in modern cities that affect both its individual residents and larger group.
International Law, 2015-3
Khusyainov T.M., Dudar A. - The basic principles of protection of pet animals in accordance with Convention of the Council of Europe pp. 102-111


Abstract: This article examines the problematics of the legal position of pet animals as a special category of the objects of law. The subject of this research is the Convention of the Council of Europe for the Protection of Pet Animals. Despite the spread of humanistic principles and ideology of care for the nature, there is currently an insufficient amount of effort given to the problem of the category of pet animals. Within the framework of this research the author discusses the positions that substantiate the specificity and significance of this area within the modern legal system. The authors conduct a theoretical analysis of the legal sources of European Law, as well as Russian and foreign scientific literature. This work presents the key positions of the legal regulation of handling pet animals in accordance with the “European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals” passed by the Council of Europe. The authors note that the pet category possesses special qualities in comparison to others. This area is falls under a special legislation, which still remains at the stage of development in the Russian Federation.
Politics and Society, 2015-3
Khusyainov T.M. - Social-Legal Analysis of Labour Agreements with the Internet-Employees (by the Example of the Nizhny Novgorod region)


Abstract: The aim of this work is the presentation and analysis of different forms of labour agreements between the employer and the Internet employees based on the legislative framework of Russian Federation, as well as the sociological research data regarding Internet employees living in the Nizhny Novgorod region. This work is considering the process of implementation of legal rules in social activity of the participants of the Internet labour market. The author considers in details all kinds of labour agreements, existing in Russia, as well as their legal and non-legal forms. Methods of research include theoretical analysis of Russian and foreign literature and analysis of the data of sociological research "Employment in the Internet in the Nizhny Novgorod region". The result of this paper is determination of the most widespread form of labour agreements between Internet employees and their employers. The article provides all social and economical characteristics of labour agreements, their advantages and disadvantages for the Internet employees.
Modern Education, 2015-2
Pravodelov S.V. - Advantages of Distance Learning. Types of Distance Learning pp. 70-79


Abstract: The Internet allows to organize individual and group interaction between students and teachers during the learning. Traditional education is connected to a row of restriction which can be overcome by means of Internet resources. In this article the author considers possibility to get the second higher education and taking courses in foreign universities using the Internet. In this paper the author analyzes using distance learning in the educational process. The purpose of article to define the positive role, methods of implementation of distance learning and study main types through the Internet technologies. The theoretical analysis of the Russian scientific literature and review of the leading web resources providing online training are the methods of research of this article. The author gives the list of the best providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).
International Law, 2015-1
Khusyainov T.M. - The specifics of implementation of the norms of the Framework Agreement on Telework into the labor law of Belgium pp. 9-18


Abstract: This work reviews the process of implementation of the norms of the “Framework Agreement on Telework” and the forming of national labor legislation of Belgium in the field of legal regulation of Internet-based work. Despite the rapidly growing interest towards the new forms and types of work including those that are based on the Internet technologies, the progress of the labor legislation, specifically the norms of labor law in the area of regulation of the Internet-based work in Belgium, is very insignificant at this stage and requires a lot more attention from the researches. This work defines the particular aspects and current stage of implementation of the “Framework Agreement on Telework” into the national labor law of Belgium in comparison to the other countries of the European Union. It underlines the substantial role played by the Supranational Law in the forming of Belgian legislation in the area of regulation of the Internet-based work.
Pedagogy and education, 2015-1
Lakomova A.A., Khusyainov T.M. - Educational Migration: Causes and Characteristics of Higher Education Abroad


Abstract: The subject of this article is the main reasons that underlie modern educational migration, in particular, higher education at foreign educational institutions. In their article the authors also address to the current state of the educational migration of foreign students to Russia as well as the value of export of Russian education to the world market. The growing prestige of Russian universities and the increasing number of foreign students coming to Russia meet the basic geopolitical and socio-economic interests of the country and have a positive effect on the country's participation in the international processes of education, science and culture. The research method used by the authors is the theoretical analysis of the Russian sociological and pedagogical scientific literature. This work presents the results of the theoretical analysis of the causes and characteristics of migration of students to study at foreign universities. The authors identify the two basic motives of a foreign student involved in the educational migration: to receive quality education and become a highly demanded specialist or to immigrate to the country where he or she receives education.
Urban Studies, 2015-1
Kostrigin A., Khusyainov T.M. - Uzupis - a Republic amidst Vilnius pp. 19-32


Abstract: This paper examines the phenomenon of the "Užupis Republic", the establishment of which in the center of Vilnius became one of the most intriguing social experiments of our time. What makes it so special? The bold attempt to form a social and economic life, the development of modern art, as well as political structure, situated in the center of one of the European capitals - not on an isolated island. This work aims to define this new phenomenon and to outline and its borders for research within different scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary studies. As a method of this study the authors used theoretical analysis of foreign scientific literature and other sources on the history and functioning of "Republic of Užupis". The novelty of the study is that "The Republic of Užupis", being as a prominent social experiment, did not find significant reflection in the scientific literature to date. In this paper, the authors make an attempt to define a new object of interdisciplinary research. The article provides an overview of the main events since the establishment up to the present moment, as well as examines the impact on the development of the city of Vilnius.
Urban Studies, 2015-1
Khusyainov T.M. - Accessibility of the urban environment: ensuring citizens' rights pp. 10-18


Abstract: In this paper, the author analyzes the provisions of the "Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2006, as well as the prominent international legal obligations of the participating countries to ensure accessibility for mobility-impaired citizens, and the provisions of legal acts of the Russian Federation as a U.N. Convention country, regarding accessibility on the background of modern urban development and social welfare. The author examines the concepts of "accessible environment", "barrier-free environment", "universal design", their social function and the consequences of their implementation. The author uses the following methods of research: analysis of the Russian and foreign legislation and a theoretical analysis of the Russian and foreign scientific literature. The main conclusions of this work are focused on the importance of universal design principles is much wider accessible environment that can meet the needs of more people. Another important conclusion is that the creation of an accessible environment provides the realization of human rights for a group of citizens with limited mobility, allowing them to use the services, to acquire goods, attend the institutions, and can solve multiple issues regarding access to education and employment.
Law and Politics, 2014-12
Dudar A. -


Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2014-9
Khusyainov T.M., . -


Man and Culture, 2014-5
Strizhov A.Y. - The role of special in society pp. 50-58


Abstract: Human societies are not similar, although in its development subject to the general laws. However, a separate social organism lives in the unique concrete historical environment - as a result, he produce specific forms of adaptation to the environment. This feature we can see in the specific characters of the people in the forms of industrial relations in a particular technique. Systematic amendments contributes peculiar aspect of society’ life in specific circumstances to the development. It is the subject of our research.The special aspects of human life in society consist of the historical memory, values, development strategies, etc. We should see how all these elements of culture and politics develop a specific aspect of life of all social classes. The basis for research on the role of political and cultural superstructure taken the concept of cultural "hegemony" of Antonio Gramsci.The specifics of the social development is expressed in the motivating forces that allow people together, regardless of their social status, to consolidate certain tasks. “Special” in the collective life lives always. However, while it is not meaningful, it is simply a synthesis of “Common” and “Single”. “Special” is becoming an effective force when there is a creative interpretation of it. This is emergency of ideology, the balance between value systems of different classes. In times of crisis stories “special” becomes a force for significant changes in the social structure.
Modern Education, 2014-4
Khusyainov T.M. - Theoretical Analysis of the Legal Socialization of Modern Young People in Russia pp. 12-22


Abstract: The present research has been funded by the Russian Humanities Fund within the framework of the Project No. 14-33-0100 'Faculty Habitus' and Socialization of Students at a Traditional University (Based on the Example of the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod). In this article Khusyainov analyzes peculiarities of the legal socialization of young people at this day and age in Russia. The subject of the present research is the process of legal socialization of Russian young people as the process of their learning the standards and rules of the modern society. Despite the rapidly growing number of researches of young people in modern science, the theoretical grounds of the problem have not been developed yet. The author of the article discuss the reasons that determine the specific features of this type of socialization and legal socialization in Russia. The main research methods include theoretical analysis of Russian literature on social studies, teaching and psychology. The article presents theoretical grounds of socialization of young people in the sphere of legal relations. The author establishes that achievements in the sphere of legal socialization may be the indicator of the greater degree of socialization of a young person because it is where the legal awareness and morals have the most important interaction. 
Pedagogy and education, 2014-4
Lakomova A.A. - Peculiarities of Educational Migration in Russia: Theoretical Aspect


Abstract: The research subject of this article is the distinctive features of educational migration in Russia today. The author of the article focuses on both negative and positive sides of educational migration. In addition, in her article Lakomova outlines the problems faced by migrant school students and their parents, foreign students, young scientists and specialists in the course of their studying or undergoing a traineeship in Russia. The author also describes the factors that make young men and women to migrate to other countries in order to study a foreign language, receive higher or additional education, participate in conferences, master classes and etc. The research methods include the analysis of sociological, socio-economical and pedagogical literature. Moreover, the author has also used official statistical data provided by the Federal Migration Service of Russia. Educational migration has become quite a widespread phenomenon in many countries and Russia in particular. Future students and young scientists are attracted by many factors. In this article educational migration is viewed from the two points of view: as the educational migration of young researchers and students from Russia to other countries (to study at more prestigous, as they think, universities) and as the educational migration of young foreigners to Russia where they undertake a traineeship, university courses, language courses, study our culture, etc. Lakomova also examines particular problems faced by migrant school students and their parents as well as peculiarities of social work with them. 
Pedagogy and education, 2014-4
Khusyainov T.M. - History of the Development and Expansion of Distance Education


Abstract: This article discusses the major milestones in the development and establishment of a system of distance education, from the first mention of "correspondent training" at the beginning of the XVIII century to the modern online education, implemented by means of the Internet. The subject of this research is the development of distance education. The author of the work as regards the creation of individual courses and entire higher education institutions that implement in their work the principle of distance learning for students. The paper deals with foreign and domestic experience in the implementation of distance education. The methods of this study were made by theoretical analysis of Russian and foreign scientific literature, as well as a comparative analysis of the basic aspects of the theory and methodology of distance education. This paper presents the main stages of the development of distance education in Russia and abroad. It was found out that the development of distance education in Russia, unlike other countries was based on a different principle and are less involved hardware and focused on education on the job: a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Urban Studies, 2014-4
Khusyainov T.M. - Christiania - the "Independent" section of Copenhagen: history and modern time pp. 8-20


Abstract: This study examines the phenomenon of "Freetown Christiania", the emergence of which in the middle of the Danish capital is one of the most interesting social experiments of our time. An attempt to create a society from scratch, forming a new social and economic life, political structure, at the very center of one of the European capitals - not on a remote island. This work aims to define a new study object and the limits for research within different scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary research. The method of this study is theoretical analysis of Russian and foreign scientific literature and other sources on the subject of "Freetown Christiania." The novelty of the research lies in the fact that "Freetown Christiania" represents an intriguing social experiment, and was not properly researched. In this paper, the author makes an attempt to define a new object of interdisciplinary research. This article contains an overview of major events since the beginning up to the present moment.
Pedagogy and education, 2014-3
Dudar O., Dudar A., Khusyainov T.M. -


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