Cybernetics and programming
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Publications of Pirozhnikova Ol'ga Igorevna
Cybernetics and programming, 2014-5
Labkovskaya R.Y., Kozlov A.S., Pirozhnikova O.I., Korobeinikov A.G. - Modeling the dynamics of reed sensors of control systems pp. 70-77


Abstract: The article is devoted to developing of methods and algorithms of finding eigen values for analyzing dynamics and stability of reed sensors. Matrix-topological method, PC-oriented, uses a model with lumped parameters to describe the oscillatory processes of microsensors beam elements and reeds contact cores. Replacement of the system with distributed parameters with the equivalent model with lumped parameters is achieved by using the Rayleigh method. This method leads to considering a system with a higher hardness than original, thereby obtaining a higher frequency compared with the actual. The authors developed a matrix-topological model for frequency analysis of geometrically-complex and multilink reed sensors based on the switching to the system with lumped parameters using following methods: electromechanical analogies, method Rayleigh-Ritz method and graph theory. On the example of one of the three constructs of reeds oscillatory systems the authors compare theoretical results of calculation of reed sensors eigen frequencies, gathered using matrix-topological method with corresponding experimentally obtained values with piezoelectric and optical methods of the reed sensors frequency spectra analysis. The correctness of the frequency analysis was achieved using Fourier frequency filters.
Software systems and computational methods, 2014-2
Korobeinikov A.G., . -


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