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ќценки и риски
Kolobaev S.A. - Professional risks of career-building in a megalopolis pp. 33-48


Abstract: The object of research is the career-building phenomenon. The subject of this article are the professional risks of career-building in a megapolis. The author offers a panoramic view on the possible threats and disks of career building in light of the negative impact of urban factors. The author explains toe failures of career and professional development under the influence of a system of factors. The risks, failures, and professional plains are explained in connection with psychological, akmeological, social, economic and other factors. The city landscape factors is given spotlighting the akmeological environment being modeled, and the establishment of psychological help by businesses in order to help employees is being accented. The author illuminates the issue of professional marginalism that plays a leading role in the forming of career-building risks. An analysis of the interaction of safety of career-building and professional self-realization, the methods and ways of career-building is offered as a system, regardless of profession type. The methods of research include observation, analysis, job market monitoring, thought experiment, reconstruction of theoretical material, the methods of comparison, control of conclusions. The relevance of this work is enhanced in the time of economic and geopolitical crises. In light of a relatively unstable social status of many professions, a large number of activities and jobs are devalued, and thus need radical rethinking in order to be correctly inserted into career chains. The novelty of this work is based on the focused analysis of risks of professional breakdowns and career-building in urban environment, affected by objective factors such as marginalism and city landscape, psychological and emotional state of the employee, social processes in social institutes.
Pryadko I.P. - Biosphere and environmental security in Moscow and Moscow Region: current state and prospects pp. 38-51


Abstract: The object of this research is the environmental conditions of a modern city dweller, while the subject is the measures taken in the cities of Moscow Region and European part of Russia on ensuring the environmental and social security throughout urbanized territories. The article discusses the questions of establishment of biosphere-compatible architecturally designed space in the city. The events hosting by municipalities of Moscow Region (besides the capital metropolis, the article names Mytishchi and Sergiyev Posad) on formation of comfort environment for their residents. The scientific novelty consists in the reference to the innovative ideas of a British sociologist and historian of urban culture – Leo Hollis, as well as the conclusions of Charles Landry. Particularly, the creation of biosphere-compatible secure space subordinates to the ability of urban communities to self-education. Another new aspect lies in the complex character of posing and resolution of the tasks of contemporary urbanism, which is underlines in the works of Hollis, Lenadrt, and Baudrillard. Thus, the notion of “environmental security” is interpreted extensively, taking into account the social adjustment of an individual to city life.
Zinkin V.N., Sheshegov P.M., Shishov A.A. - Characteristics of the standard of living of urban areas adjacent to air transport companies pp. 44-55


Abstract: The subject of the research is a comprehensive multi-aspect characterization of the standard of living areas adjacent to air transport enterprises, taking into account the acoustic impact of environmental conditions, medical and social factors. The authors specified the acoustic aspects of the environmental impact in the places of habitation of the representative socio-professional groups, gave estimates of the health risks caused by the cumulative effect of aircraft noise on the urban areas being researched. The conclusions of the research are summarized for residential areas that are impacted by the cumulative effects of high-intensity industrial (manufacturing) noise. The research methodology combines the research methods used by experts of medical sociology, occupational medicine, medical geography, aviation medicine and medical informatics. The main conclusion of this study is that now the noise factor in the workplace aviation affects those who work in the industry and the general population of urban areas adjacent to the air transport enterprises, results in the decline in living standards, and is a major risk factor that requires constant monitoring and implementation of appropriate preventive measures, and also taking into account the estimates provided with the development of territories adjacent to enterprises the functioning of which is associated with intense noise impact on the environment.
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