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Ёкономика городского хоз€йства
Danilov A.A., Rozantseva L.E. - The concept for steady economic growth in light of modern urban problems pp. 26-38


Abstract: The present time is characterized by economic competition escalation, the return to block mentality in politics, information globalization, and economic fundamentalism as the identity of American hegemony, and the issue of conservation and evaluation of steady industrial development becomes more and more pronounced, because various modernization strategies are ambiguous in terms of steady growth indicators. The authors examine steady development from the standpoint of urban economy, on global scale, as well: the "world city" and the "world farmland". In their research of economic dynamics, the authors employ the systemic approach, which involves the analysis of business growth within the system or a city's (municipality's) and national economy - taking into account the interconnection of the elements, as opposite to isolated study. Market fundamentalism basically is the minimization of interference in the economy, which opposes the concept of steady growth. Modern businesses cannot emerge, or grow anywhere without state regulation and support. On the agenda, there also is the issue of alternative globalization, which would allow to take into account the interests of all countries, bar none - a globalization that would put an end to segregation between the rich and the poor.
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