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Urban Studies
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Contents of Issue № 01/2015
Философия урбанистики
Boltaevskii A.A. - A city for living: the main ingredients pp. 1-9


Abstract: Every year, people's demands towards urban space grow more and more. However, many megacities represent a concentration of career aspirations and criminal activity on behalf of the population. On one hand, the city offers maximum return on one's labour, on the other - criminal risks are higher, transport and housing problems take away from the comfort of life. A megacity is becoming a foreign object on the planet. At the example of large cities - Moscow in particular, the author demonstrates leading trends in favourable habitat development. This article is written, based on a critical, dialectic and hermeneutic methods. The author analyzes the sources of urban habitat development. In practice, the perfect city is a utopic concept, because the views and opinions vary per individual. At the same time, an organized space should be based on the following elements: aesthetically favourable habitat, connection with the environment, transport accessibility. To achieve those goals, constant cooperation between the citizens and the authorities is necessary.
География города
Khusyainov T.M. - Accessibility of the urban environment: ensuring citizens' rights pp. 10-18


Abstract: In this paper, the author analyzes the provisions of the "Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2006, as well as the prominent international legal obligations of the participating countries to ensure accessibility for mobility-impaired citizens, and the provisions of legal acts of the Russian Federation as a U.N. Convention country, regarding accessibility on the background of modern urban development and social welfare. The author examines the concepts of "accessible environment", "barrier-free environment", "universal design", their social function and the consequences of their implementation. The author uses the following methods of research: analysis of the Russian and foreign legislation and a theoretical analysis of the Russian and foreign scientific literature. The main conclusions of this work are focused on the importance of universal design principles is much wider accessible environment that can meet the needs of more people. Another important conclusion is that the creation of an accessible environment provides the realization of human rights for a group of citizens with limited mobility, allowing them to use the services, to acquire goods, attend the institutions, and can solve multiple issues regarding access to education and employment.
Социология и демография
Kostrigin A., Khusyainov T.M. - Uzupis - a Republic amidst Vilnius pp. 19-32


Abstract: This paper examines the phenomenon of the "Užupis Republic", the establishment of which in the center of Vilnius became one of the most intriguing social experiments of our time. What makes it so special? The bold attempt to form a social and economic life, the development of modern art, as well as political structure, situated in the center of one of the European capitals - not on an isolated island. This work aims to define this new phenomenon and to outline and its borders for research within different scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary studies. As a method of this study the authors used theoretical analysis of foreign scientific literature and other sources on the history and functioning of "Republic of Užupis". The novelty of the study is that "The Republic of Užupis", being as a prominent social experiment, did not find significant reflection in the scientific literature to date. In this paper, the authors make an attempt to define a new object of interdisciplinary research. The article provides an overview of the main events since the establishment up to the present moment, as well as examines the impact on the development of the city of Vilnius.
Культурное наследие
Nesterova A.A. - The Summer of the Urban Pioneer: Early 1960's experience pp. 33-43


Abstract: The subject of this research are early 1960-s Pioneer organizations. By the materials from Tambov region cities (Michurinsk, Morshansk, Kirsanov, Kotovsk, Rasskazovo and Tanbov), the author studied the implementation of May 1963's decree by the Central Committee of Leninist Youth "On the tasks of Summer Leisure Time Committee’s goals". The author also attempted to take the special conditions of Russia's smaller cities into account. The bulk of research materials is constituted by the State Archive's freshly released materials on the social and political history of the Tambov region. The theory of governmentialization of Komsomol lies at the base of the study on the Pioneer and Komsomol organizations. It implies that Komsomol is viewed as a "Ministry of the Youth" - a link between the state and the younger generation. The work of Komsomol and Pioneer organizations is also viewed from the standpoint of humanitarian and government positions. For the first time in the post-Soviet period, this article examines the experience of using weekends and holidays, as well as summer vacations for education and upbringing of city-dwelling schoolchildren, in the end of the "Khrushchov thaw".The author provides examples of various forms and methods of organizing active pastime for children, the implementation of which is still relevant in smaller cities of Russia. 
Оценки и риски
Zinkin V.N., Sheshegov P.M., Shishov A.A. - Characteristics of the standard of living of urban areas adjacent to air transport companies pp. 44-55


Abstract: The subject of the research is a comprehensive multi-aspect characterization of the standard of living areas adjacent to air transport enterprises, taking into account the acoustic impact of environmental conditions, medical and social factors. The authors specified the acoustic aspects of the environmental impact in the places of habitation of the representative socio-professional groups, gave estimates of the health risks caused by the cumulative effect of aircraft noise on the urban areas being researched. The conclusions of the research are summarized for residential areas that are impacted by the cumulative effects of high-intensity industrial (manufacturing) noise. The research methodology combines the research methods used by experts of medical sociology, occupational medicine, medical geography, aviation medicine and medical informatics. The main conclusion of this study is that now the noise factor in the workplace aviation affects those who work in the industry and the general population of urban areas adjacent to the air transport enterprises, results in the decline in living standards, and is a major risk factor that requires constant monitoring and implementation of appropriate preventive measures, and also taking into account the estimates provided with the development of territories adjacent to enterprises the functioning of which is associated with intense noise impact on the environment.
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