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Agricultural complex
Syromyatnikov Y.N. - Justification of the shape of a plowshare with steering disks of a cultivating separating ripper pp. 18-29


Abstract: The research object is the process of functioning of the excavating parts of a cultivating separating ripper, which transforms the structure and the density of a soil layer in accordance with the requirements of agronomical science for the cultivated crop. This result is achieved using the coordinated interaction of passive and active excavating parts. The machine also combs out the weed. The author considers the plowshare with steering disks, which spends less energy when moving through soil and directs soil to the separator. Theoretical researches are based on mechanical and mathematical modeling of interaction of the moving parts with soil. Experimental researches are based on the sectoral methods using strain-gage instruments and the methods of multifactor experiments planning. In the result, the process of soil cultivation using disk cultivating parts has been improved, the theory of justification of the parameters of active-passive cultivating parts for the separation and pulverization of soil and been developed; the mathematic model of interaction of cultivating parts with soil with account of energy intensity rates of technological processes has been composed. The use of methods of direct variational calculation for the justification of shapes of cultivating parts of a cultivating separating ripper helps reduce energy consumption by 10-30%. 
Sklyarenko S., Boltaevskii A.A., Pryadko I.P., Sharov V.I. - History and present of the problematics of food security pp. 27-39


Abstract: The subject of this research is the economic relations in the agroindustrial sector, the restriction in the development of which introduces the factor of food security formulated at the state level. The object of this study is the agribusiness. The authors thoroughly examine such aspects of the topic as the history and present status of the theory and practice with regards to the problematics of food security. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the new document "Strategy of improving quality of food products until 2030", signed in July 2016 by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The main conclusions of this work are the following: first and foremost, the strategic goals of the Russian agriculture should be based upon the provision of food security, reduction in the product cost, increase of the volume of the ecofriendly products, as well as the regional development and improving of the living standards in them. The scientific novelty of the research along with the author’s special contribution consists in the cumulative study of the question from the provision of retrospective and current conjuncture with regards to the problem of food security.
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