Dichotomous approach towards poverty and education as sources of terrorism in the XXI century
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Security Issues

Dichotomous approach towards poverty and education as sources of terrorism in the XXI century
Zelenkov Mikhail

Head of the department, Professor, Moscow State Academy of Water Transport; Bauman Moscow State technical University

117648, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Novodanilovskaya, 21

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Chemezov Nikita Andreevich

Bachelor’s Degree, the department of Space Rockets and Rocket Carriers, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

105005, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. 2-џ baumanskaya, 5 str. 1




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The subject of this research is the dichotomous approach towards assessment of the impact of poverty and education level of the society upon the growth in the number of terrorist acts in modern world. The author sets a goal based on the results of study of two counterpoising views on the role of the poverty and education levels in the efficiency casting future recruits of terrorist organizations, determine and substantiate the key factors that produce destructive consequence for members of society, including possibility of involvement into terrorist activity. The theoretical base consists of accumulation of scientific works on analysis of the interconnection between the socioeconomic trends and terrorist activity, as well as result of social polling and statistical data. Methodological frameworks Is based on a complex of method, heuristically and gnoseologically justified by the goal and tasks of this work. The article primarily employs comparative and systemic methods, which allowed discovering and comparing the dichotomy of modern scientific studies on this topic. The gnoseological potential of statistical and sociological methods of quantitative and qualitative research allowed to adequately interpret the multi-vector results of scientific research on the same subject of analysis. The results acquired in this research lead to the conclusion that the socioeconomic roots of future terrorists of XXI century play a substantial role in the activity of recruiters of modern terrorist organizations. Poverty, absence of education and subsequent alienation from the society represent the basic catalysts of terrorism, and provide endless supply of young people for modern terrorist organizations.

Keywords: national security, the threat of terrorism, international security, source of terrorism, education, poverty, information analytics, terrorist organizations, tsocio-economic trends, society
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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