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Historical informatics

Manufacture of Airplanes in 1931-945 by World War II Countries: What War Was Expected?
Kuzmin Yurii Viktorovich

PhD in Physics and Mathematics

Lead specialist, Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute

105005, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Radio, 17

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The author has created a database containing information about airplanes produced in the 20th century. There are over 7000 records about airplane manufacture during 1931-1945 in six leading countries. It is the first time when data about airplane manufacture in the USA, the USSR, the British Empire, France, Germany and Japan during this period are presented. They are divided into three five-year periods as far as the purpose of airplanes is concerned. These are 1931-1935, 1936-1940 and 1941-1945. The author has analyzed the difference in the structure and the speed of airplane manufacture and assumed the reason for these differences related to military policy and political goals of the state as well. The result is that the structures of airplane manufacture in the 1930s were similar in the countries that later became allies and differed from the countries that later became Axis members. This is true as far as the ratio of fighters to attack aircrafts and bomber aircrafts is concerned.

Keywords: historical databases, general history, USSR history, military history, aviation history, history of technology, XX century history, airplane manufacturing, quantitative analysis, Second World War
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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