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Archeological Cultural Type: The Problem of “Life Cycle” for Archeological Artifacts System (Evolution of Ceramics within the Eastern Europe’s Steppe Belt in the Bronze Age)
Slonov Vladimir Nikolaevich

PhD in History

The Head of Corporate Competence Center of SSTU - DDIA of Gagarin Saratov State Technical University  

410005, Russia, Saratovskaya oblast', g. Saratov, ul. Bol'shaya Sadovaya, 239, of. 208

Kocherzhenko Ol'ga Vasilevna

Researcher at Chernyshevskiy Saratov State University

410012, Russia, Saratovskaya oblast', g. Saratov, ul. Astrakhanskaya, 83, of. 214

Shabanov Victor Lennarovich

Doctor of Sociology

Senior researcher at the Institue of Agrarian Issues of the Russian Academy of Sciences

410012, Russia, Saratovskaya oblast', g. Saratov, ul. Moskovskaya, 94



This work crowns a series of studies addressing the forms of ceramics within the Eastern Europe’s steppe belt in the Bronze Age. These studies aimed at searching for the internal structural arrangement of complexes of ceramics forms as a complicated system with its own laws of development. The form of a vessel was represented as a set of quantitative markers describing its profile. The study covers vessel complexes belonging to Srubnaya, Sintashtinskaya, Dono-Volzhskaya Abashevskaya cultures, cultural formations of KMK circle as well as Pokrovskiy cultural type. When studying complexes of ceramics forms the authors employed cluster analysis with subsequent consideration of the group size correlation diagram and non-compactness ratio of the groups. Structural arrangement of complexes of ceramics forms has been found for a number of cases. The first arrangement corresponds to a reverse power (“hyperbolic”) law dependence on the correlation diagram whereas the second one corresponds to a logarithmic dependence. For complexes with such structural organization the term "archaeological cultural type" (ACT) is proposed. It is shown that ACT has its own "life cycle" consisting of three periods. These are the advent, the hey-day and the decay. 

Keywords: Pokrovsk cultural type, Dono-Volzhskaya Abashevo culture, bronze age, life cycle, archaeological cultural type, cluster analysis, forms of ceramics, Sintashta culture, Timber-grave culture, post-catacomb cultural entities



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