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MAIN PAGE > Journal "Finance and Management" > Contents of Issue № 03/2021
Contents of Issue № 03/2021
Investments and investing
Pozdnyakov K.K. - Budget funds for financing investments in innovative development of the region (on the example of the Central Black Earth Region) pp. 1-15


Abstract: The strategic factor for economic growth of the Russian regions is the activation of innovative processes. The problem of increasing innovative activity has been particularly acute in recent years due to the unfolding crisis and extended restrictions on the budget expenditures. The goal of this article consists in the analysis of indicators of innovative activity, and assessment of the impact of budget investments in fixed capital upon the indicators of innovative process in the Central Black Earth Region. The analysis employs the available statistical data on financing of investment processes and results of innovative activity in the Russian Federation, Central Federal District, and Central Black Earth Region. The research relies on the system approach, economic-statistical, logical and expert methods of analysis. The conducted analysis reveals the insufficient level of innovative development in all six zones of the Central Black Earth Region. The innovative processes in the Central Black Earth Region are characterized by low output of innovative products and investment in research and development. The dynamics of innovative processes in the region is of differential nature. There are substantial interregional differences in the indicator values of the expenditures for research and development, and innovation activity, as well as the volatility of indicators of production of innovative goods and services. The clear outsider in the Central Black Earth Region in the Oryol Oblast. The author formulates recommendations that can be used by the authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in elaboration of state support measures for innovative activity in the Central Black Earth Region aimed at acceleration of their economic development.
Financial regulation
Khokonov B.M. - Functional contradictions in the financial control system pp. 16-25


Abstract: The subject of this research is the functional contradictions of financial control that have developed between its key systemic goal and organizational forms of practical implementation. Currently, the management and organization of financial control do not correspond to the content of the control function of finance, the generally accepted interpretation of which is the orientation towards optimization of cost proportions of reproduction. In terms of formal all-encompassing systematicity of financial control, the dynamics of these cost proportions is not allocated by the existing organizational schemes, which is particularly evident in the unfolding processes of financialization of the economy. Such functional incompatibility is systemic in nature, and substantiates the need for fundamental changes in the content of financial control, which would ensure the return of finances to their initial control function. The goal of this research lies in outlining the priority vector of transformation of financial control. The results and scientific novelty of this work are presented in interpretation of the new content of financial control through integration with the formation of the fundamentals of digital economy, priority development of such cross-cutting technology as the distributed public registry blockchain. In conclusion, the author justifies the need of turning financial control into the internal immanent component of financial relations on the rigid background technology with automatic collection processes, recovery, analysis and storage of data.
Question at hand
Ishtiryakova L.H. - pp. 26-34


Accounting and audit
Otrubiannikova P., Van D., Ilina A.V., Viktorova N.G. - pp. 35-46


Innovations, innovative activities
Lapenkova N.V., Firsov D.V. - pp. 47-60


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