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Dora Ashton. Existentialism (Translation)

Kulagina-Yartseva Valentina Sergeevna

Research assistant at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

111531, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Goncharnaya, 12 str. 1

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The author considers the history of the development of existentialism in America. The economic crisis of the thirtieth years developed into moral crisis of the fortieth, and "alienation of masses" under the influence of the psychology and economy of war developed into "alienation of the individual". Alienation becomes the keynote of the post-war decade. In art, the ideas broadly called existential began to prevail. Language of existentialists became part of the criticism in the late forties - early fiftieth. The big role in judgment of the artistic process was played by Sartre. During his long visit to the United States Sartre gave lectures at many American universities. In addition, Friedrich Nietzsche, with his prophetical tone and appeal to antiquity (Apollonian and Dionisian) also happened to be in tune with the feelings and creative urges of many artists belonging to New York School. The myth problem did not draw former attention of artists at the beginning of the fiftieth any more, and all traces of mythical hints disappeared from paintings. 

Keywords: Nietzsche, Sartre, art criticism, anxiety, psychology of war, individual, alienation, existentialism, New York School, problem of myth
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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