Электронный журнал Теоретическая и прикладная экономика - №1 за 2015 г. - Содержание - список статей. ISSN: 2409-8647 - Издательство NotaBene
Theoretical and Applied Economics
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Contents of Issue № 01/2015
Modern methods of prediction
Milovanov M.M. - The Application of Reflexive Analysis for Short-Term Forecasting of Financial Markets pp. 1-9


Abstract:  Abstract. From quite a large number of methods of forecasting financial market such as classical technical analysis, Elliot wave theory, fundamental analysis, etc. the author choose the reflexive analysis as a research methodology.The study is based on the assumption of different origins and behavior of the trends in the short run and the long run. The fundamental behavior of financial instrument is considered as a reflexive process. The proposed method is used for short-term forecasting of futures and shares on the stock market. The forecasting technique implies the representation of the behavior of financial instrument on the market as a reflexive process. The method uses the equations where the parameters are the effects of the world on the subject and the result is the number showing the probability of an action which might be performed by the subject. The developed techniques to predict and assess the future state of financial instruments in a short run are the main findings of the study. The novelty of the research lays in the fact that it represents the behavior of a financial instrument as a reflexive process. The high degree of forecasting is achieved in the short time interval.   
Modernization management
Kharitonov V.V., Merezhko A.N., Lagoiko O.S., Somov M.V., Belousov D.G. - Forecasting of Investment in Scientific and Technical Products pp. 10-20


Abstract: Abstract. The study focuses on the issues of adequate forecasting of investment in scientific and technical products and expertise of design solutions in order to support management decision-making at the early stages of the life cycle of such products. The implementation of design solutions being considered in the planning of production volumes is associated with non-recurring costs related to the development, production and operation of the products. The main areas of the study are: forecast of the cost of scientific and technical products, determination of the volume of investment in production and estimation of operating costs. The methodological basis of the study involves the methods of economic forecasting, systemic analysis as well as the theory of reliability and the theory of design and testing of complex systems. The main results of the study can be summarized as follows: the development of adapted methods to forecast the cost of scientific and technical products, determine the volume of investment in production and operating costs; the practical use (combined application) of these methods enabling to substantiate the needed amount of investments into scientific and technical products at the stage of design solutions
Global economical development trends
Tcokova V. - The Comparative Analysis of Russian and German Tax Systems pp. 21-35


Abstract: Abstract. The paper gives a comparative analysis of the Russian and German tax systems; reveals their similarities and differences. The main similarity is the fact that both systems are three-level systems, due to the federal form of state. The author analyzes the distribution of tax revenues among three levels and identifies their characteristics. The study also reviews the functions performed by taxes in Germany in the practical aspect. Special attention is given to the study of the income tax since currently this tax is being the topical issue discussed in the media. In the author’s opinion, in Russia a progressive income taxation of physical persons should be introduced. For analysis purposes, the author uses the following methods: analysis and synthesis, as well as a graphical method. The Russian personal income tax rate is 3.5 times less than the German rate and income tax progressivity is not applied. In addition, the income of physical persons in Germany is subject to at least four other taxes. Also, in Germany the property passing by way of donation is taxed. In Russia there are no such taxes. This fact proves that the taxation level of Russian residents is lower. In Russia the taxes are not allocated simultaneously into three budgets. In reality, most taxes are allocated between the two budget tiers.  
Strategic management
Gadzhieva K.R. - The Systemic Approach to Reproduction of Land Resources in the Agriculture of the Republic of Dagestan pp. 36-45


Abstract:  Abstract. The study investigates into the reproduction of land resources which are the basis for development of agricultural production. The land resources are the resources that are not created by human activities, but some their properties, namely fertility, can and must be restored. The rational use of land is the issue of high priority. The paper addresses the causes of inadequate organization of reproduction of land resources in the process of their use; it considers both social and purely intra-economic reasons, their origins and some ecological consequences. The comprehensive theoretical study is conducted through the analysis of scientific papers. The subject of research is presented in a systematic form which is based on statistical data and comparisons with foreign countries. The novelty of the study resides in the application of systematic approach to describe the theoretical results and problems of reproduction of land resources which remain the most important means of production in agriculture and represent a major fund for economic development of the country’s region. The study provides practical information on the state of agricultural land. Also, it puts forward proposals towards planning of reproduction in agriculture both at the state and on-farm levels.
Evaluations and trends
Volichenko P.P. - Report on the Property Valuation and its Structure pp. 46-61


Abstract: Abstract. The paper describes an important stage in the activities of every appraiser, in particular the preparation, writing and format of the property valuation report. The quality of report not only affects an adequate perception of the valuation results, but as a rule has an impact on the professional prestige of the appraiser. The article examines the formal characteristics of the valuation report on the property, the requirements for the report format, mandatory details to be included in the report as well as analyzes possible typical mistakes that occur during the preparation of this report. The study provides a brief analysis of the main documents which are normally used by self-regulatory organizations of appraisers: federal acts, standards and regulations regarding valuation. The methodology involves a detailed examination of the basic principles to be followed by the appraiser developing the report. The study identifies specific indicators which should be shown in accordance with Russian law in the valuation report. The scientific novelty resides in a detailed study of the structure and content of the report sections. The study offers recommendations disclosing the logic of report building - "from the general to the particular"- as well as ways to write the optimal and highly qualified content of its sections. The article also lists the typical mistakes which occur in the process of preparation of valuation reports, most of them are of purely technical nature and therefore, usually their correction represents no problem.
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