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Publications of Kobets Petr Nikolaevich
Security Issues, 2017-3
Kobets P.N. - Topical issues of complex security provision and terrorism prevention on air transport: problems and solutions pp. 1-16


Abstract: The urgency of the topic is undoubtful due to the fast growth of terrorist activity in Russia and abroad in the recent years tending to become a global threat. The research subject is the bulk of scientific publications, normative acts and judicial practice reflecting the characteristics of terrorist crime on air transport and the measures of its prevention. The author attempts at characterizing the set of theoretical and practical problems connected with anti-terrorist measures implementation and improvement on air transport. The author uses the set of general scientific research methods including comparison, analysis, synthesis, along with the formal-logical, comparative-legal and other specific methods including historical and statistical. The main part of the research is devoted to the criminological characteristic of security provision in airports and the use of technical equipment. The author characterizes the public danger of terrorist crimes, reveals the legal framework of this phenomenon, studies the existing aviation security systems, and defines the range of problems of their use. The author concludes that aviation security doesn’t exist independently, it is fulfilled by means of particular measures. While most scholars pay special attention to the problem of passengers control, the author believes that any airport staff member has an opportunity to commit terrorist attack. The author concludes that at the present time, though with significant difficulties, the scientific ideas about terrorism prevention on air transport are being realized in law enforcement practice by means of control strengthening and the development of organizational anti-terrorist measures. The author analyzes airport security systems, detects their weak points and offers the ways to solve the problems using technical means. Practical importance of the study consists in the fact that the proposed recommendations can be used in information and analytical materials, in system organization and management work aimed at combating terrorism on air transport. 
Urban Studies, 2017-2
Kobets P.N. - Peculiarities of counteracting terrorism in large cities and metropolitan areas pp. 65-80


Abstract: The subject of this research is the criminological, sociological, legal and statistical characteristics of terrorist crime in the large cities and metropolitan areas, as well as the activities aimed at its prevention. For this purpose, the author attempts to highlight the complex criminological issues of theoretical nature related to the functioning and improvement of the system for preventing crime of terrorist nature in major cities and metropolitan areas for possible further elaboration of the scientifically substantiated recommendations aimed at improving the criminal and social policy for minimizing the consequences of terrorist crime. Covering the peculiarities of counteracting urban terrorism, the author describes social danger of the examined phenomenon, reveals its legislative base, as well as mentiones the organizational framework of counter-terrorism. A brief reference to the problems of interpretation of law and law enforcement in the field of counteracting terrorism is provided. The article also raises a question about the need for revising and correcting the main definitions that characterize urban terrorism, offering an original definition of urban terrorism. The author gives assessment to the current terrorist threats in the large cities and metropolitan areas, ways, means, and consequences of terrorist attack. Motivation of urban terrorism alongside the specificities of strategy of the urban terrorists are being examined. The aspects of such important issue as recruiting of civilians into the terrorist organizations are being touched upon. The author comes concludes that in terms of the urban environment, terrorism has become more complex, diverse, and difficult to predict. Analyzing the existing system of terrorism prevention in the cities, the author notes the need for establishing the more efficient system for counteracting the urban terrorism. Scientific novelty of the research is defined by the system analysis of urban terrorism.
Police and Investigative Activity, 2017-1
Kobets P.N. - The prevention of Child Pornography Distributed on the Internet (the Experience of the Police of the Netherlands) pp. 70-80


Abstract: The subject of the study was the analysis of foreign experience, regarding developing common approaches to the formation mechanism of combating child pornography on the Internet. The author dwells on the problem of analysis of the nature of child pornography, its causes, in order to counter this phenomenon. In addition, the article examines Dutch law, the organizational structure of police units, the division of labor between the police and the problems faced by law enforcement agencies of the Netherlands in the process of conducting an active struggle against child pornography in cyberspace. The methodology of the study consists of General scientific methods of cognition and special legal methods: formal-legal, comparative-legal analysis; analysis; synthesis; logical method; method of legal modeling, and forecasting. The author comes to the conclusion that the police forces of different countries should cooperate to a greater extent than they do currently to counteract crime on the Internet with maximum efficiency. The novelty of the research is that it develops and refines the theory of modern information technologies and their impact on crime. For example, the use of information technology, the author shows the consequences that lead to distribution of child pornography.
Police activity, 2017-1
Kobets P.N. - Policing in the Netherlands and the Russian Federation and the participation of citizens in public order protection: experience and some problems pp. 39-46


Abstract: The author analyzes the positive experience and the existing problems of policing in the Netherlands and the Russian Federation and the participation of citizens in public order protection. The author studies the Dutch police’s experience in the work with the population. The author reveals the strategy underlying the important developments in the sphere of citizens’ participation in public order protection, and author demonstrates the positive impact of this policy on citizen’s trust in and attitude towards the Dutch police. The article analyzes the legal framework, the forms of participation, and the main problems connected with the citizens’ participation in public order protection in the Russian Federation. The author applies the following methods: dialectics, abstraction, analysis, synthesis, deduction, and the method of intersectoral legal studies. Analyzing the Dutch experience, the author concludes that the participation of citizens in public order protection can improve the relations between the police and the citizens by means of the police integration into the society. The renewal of community law-enforcement units in the Russian Federation, taking into account the historical and foreign experience, can become an effective measure aimed at crime prevention. The involvement of citizens into public order protection has a huge potential. Russian citizens, as well as the government, are interested not only in their personal safety, but also in the reduction of crimes in general. Understanding and harmony in this field increases trust between the citizens and the government, and can promote the renewal of community law enforcement groups and improve the struggle against crime. 
Police activity, 2016-6
Kobets P.N. - Analysis of the nature of terrorism and its determining factors in the middle of the second decade of the 21st century


Abstract: The study is aimed at the further improvement of counterterrorism activities. The research object is social relations in the sphere of counterterrorism. The research subject is the analysis of the nature of terrorism and its roots, aimed at the development of unified approaches to the mechanism of its prevention. The analysis of the current tendencies of terrorist manifestations in the modern Russian society helps the author understand its nature and causes. The research methodology is based on the recent achievements in epistemology. The author applies general philosophical and theoretical methods (dialectics, the system method, analysis, synthesis, analogy, deduction, observation and modeling) and traditional methods of jurisprudence (formal logical). The author concludes that at the present time, terrorism is often considered as yet another security problem that can be easily solved: regular security measures, higher fences, more police officers and more severe punishment. The study demonstrates that upon the declaration of the war against terrorism, the significance of the problem increases, since such measures respond to the symptoms, not the causes. The author proves that year by year, it is more difficult for terrorists to organize attacks, therefore the new forms of terrorism become more terrible in their effect. The author notes that, despite a large number of scientific works, devoted to these issues, the problem is not studied well enough yet. This fact explains the topicality, novelty and practical importance of the problem under consideration. The scientific and practical importance is based on the fact that this study develops and specifies the casual complex theory, determining terrorism. The certain range of problems points at particular shortcomings of counterterrorism mechanism and defines the current state and some tendencies of its improvement. The author formulates the conclusions, necessary for the further consideration of the problem, and the proposals, that can serve as a basis for the decrease of terrorist challenges and threats and can be used in the practical activities of law enforcement agencies. 
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