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Publications of Moskalyuk Marina Valentinovna
NB: Administrative Law and Administration Practice, 2016-6
Kistova A.V., Moskalyuk M.V., Sertakova E.A., Dvoretskaya A.P. - The use of the name of Vasilii Ivanovich Surikov for the construction of a positive image of Krasnoyarsk pp. 1-13


Abstract: The article considers the peculiarities of the formation of the image of V.I. Surikov as a brand figure of Krasnoyarsk. For Krasnoyarsk dwellers, the name of V.I. Surikov is the symbol of recognition, creative success and Siberian uniqueness. Owing to the creative work of the great painter, a sort of a “Surikov’s cultural nest” has formed in Krasnoyarsk. Surikov played a significant role in the formation of cultural (aesthetic) views of the local community. In the first third of the twentieth century, the signs and symbols of the hero of the place had been forming within the memorial Surikov’s tradition. The research methodology includes the popular territorial branding algorithm, aimed at the creation of sustainable positive associations, connected with the hero of the Place. The authors of the study formulate the thesis that Krasnoyarsk easily fits in the geo-cultural branding of Russia and the world. The article demonstrates, how, via the project activity of the Museum-estate of Surikov and Krasnoyarsk Art Museum, the specific regional identity, connected with the image of Surikov, is being formed. 
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