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Synthesis of arts
Safonova E.V. - УTextileФ plasticity in postmodern architecture pp. 31-38


Abstract: The subject of this research is the innovations in the area of architectural morphogenesis of the last decade of XX – beginning of the XXI centuries. The object of this research of interaction between the architecture, design, and other types of visual and plastic arts, which found reflection in the so-called “textile” plasticity of postmodern architecture. The article examines the principle of “textile” plasticity as a morphogenic method, a new strategy of architecture with the curvilinear, flexible geometry of folded structure. The article explores the rich internal connections of the diverse types of art, which play an irreplaceable role in emergence of a new artistic language of architecture. Methodology of the research is defined by analysis of the ideas of Western architects-experimentalists, Western and Russian theoreticians of postmodern architecture, deconstructivism, and nonlinear architecture. A conclusion is made that the interaction between arts and technologies activates the search for new basis of the architectural creativity, particularly the “textile” plasticity in architecture.  The considered architectural projects and ideas force have a new perspective on the interaction and interinfluence of the various types of art on the basis of modern computer technologies.
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