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Architecture and design
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Contents of Issue є 01/2019
Modern urban development
Ordynskaya Y. - Analysis and evaluation of urban development opportunities of the Amur region. pp. 1-8


Abstract: The subject of the study is the territory of the Amur region. The study assesses the urban development opportunities of the territory taking into account risk factors. The region is located in the South of the Far East and has a fairly long border with China. It is now for urban development is becoming more priority model-simulation forecasting, so the main thing in forecasting is the creation of dynamic models of individual settlement systems, but taking into account their interaction in General. This is especially true of the border region, where the process of modeling and forecasting should be implemented bilaterally, and specifically in the conditions of the far Eastern region - from the Russian and Chinese sides. Therefore, it is important to investigate and analyze all possible risk factors of the territory, which is a space with a special development regime, with certain urban development opportunities and potential. The analysis took into account current trends and features in the formation and settlement. For the analysis and assessment of urban development opportunities of the territory the system method is applied. The novelty lies in the fact that for the first time the assessment of the urban development opportunities of the Amur region as a completely unique territory was carried out.
Synthesis of arts
Volozhanina E.A. - Problems of digital painting pp. 9-13


Abstract: This work deals with such topical issues as digital painting and digital art, which have become popular in recent decades around the world. The problems of contemporary art are similar to the problems of digital art, which will be discussed in the article. It also examines the possibilities of computer technology in the visual arts and analyzes the works of foreign and domestic artists who work in computer graphics using traditional techniques of pictorial images. Theoretical methods of research of available information, systematization and analysis, empirical study of artists ' works on the research topic. Digital painting has just begun to develop and be studied, so not much research is conducted in this area. In my work, I fully disclose the topic of the problems of digital painting. Digital painting is a new step in contemporary art, it continues to develop and expand its capabilities. It gives a new look at the exhibition system. A different attitude to the works, for which no one pays, and which have the opportunity to look at everyone.
Kozyrenko I.S. - Russian Harbin: stylistic features of Chinese Baroque pp. 14-20


Abstract: The object of study is the architecture of the Chinese city Pozzani, one of the districts of the Russian Harbin. The subject of the research is the formation of the Chinese Baroque style. The article considers such aspects as the influence of Russian architecture on the emergence of a new style that has no direct European and Chinese analogues. Special attention is paid to the original interpretation of decorative elements in architecture and filling them with symbolic meanings. An increasingly decisive departure from the European Canon, allows us to talk about the formation of a kind of aesthetic system, certainly having an independent cultural significance research Methods: architectural analysis of objects in the Chinese Baroque style; historical and analytical methods in the study of stylistic features; method of full-scale examination. The main conclusions of the study is that the architecture in the Chinese Baroque style is the result of free improvisation in the decoration of facades. The departure from the European architectural canons indicates the formation of a kind of aesthetic system, which has an independent cultural significance. The basis of the new style is magical Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian attributes.
Construction and architecture
Sibisyuk S.V. - Production of building materials from wood industry byproducts pp. 21-26


Abstract: The subject of this research is the waste of the woodworking industry, which can be used for production of construction materials for small and medium-sized housing. The author focuses on the recycling of byproducts and waste, which has gained importance in the recent years. Despite the decline in the production of wood processing enterprises, the amount of waste from wood processing remains large. The increase of production and expansion of the range of insulation materials and products, disposal of waste wood processing company is an urgent task, which can be partially solved by organizing the production of building materials and products based on wood waste. This research employs analytical descriptive method for the study of theoretical materials; methods of theoretical analysis of literature and methods of studying and generalizing domestic practice; economic calculation method; general scientific methods, namely analysis, interpretation, analogy, induction, deduction. This article reveals the features of the chemical composition of sawdust, its processing, the process of production of building materials based on them, and the subsequent use in the construction of buildings and structures. The processing and utilization of waste from wood industry with positive research and experiments results will be of great importance for the current construction industry as a whole.
Monograph peer reviews
Boltaevskii A.A. - "Right to the city": review of the work of E.A. Urusova and T.M. Khusyainova "Megapolis: Creative and Communicative Potential: Monograph. Nizhny Novgorod: Publishing House" Printing Workshop Radonezh ", 2018. 112 p. pp. 27-30


Abstract: The subject of the research is the work of young sociologists from Nizhny Novgorod, E.A. Urusova and T.M. Khusyainova, in which the sociocultural changes taking place before our eyes in the megalopolis are shown. The authors strive to show the need for equal access to the urban environment of various social groups, including people with disabilities. They see an important role in the formation of megacities in the creative space, which gives previously unprecedented opportunities for the creative development of individuals. The peer-reviewed paper is based on the principles of analysis and synthesis, reliability, objectivity, and a systematic approach serves as the methodological basis. The authors also use the methods of social research, in particular the survey.The scientific novelty of the article under review is determined by the fact that the authors strive to show the processes of influence of the urban space of the megalopolis on the communicative and creative possibilities of its inhabitants, including the disabled. When solving issues of creating a barrier-free environment, the authors draw attention not only to architectural, but also to social components.
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