Электронный журнал Мировая политика - №3 за 2014 год - Содержание - список статей - ISSN: 2409-8671 - Издательство NotaBene
World Politics
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Contents of Issue № 03/2014
Questions of current interest
Manoilo A.V. - Armed rebellion in Ukraine pp. 1-14


Abstract: Today the attention of the world is focused on the events in Ukraine. Cruelty and uncompromising in struggle having overgrown in a time so short from separate clashes of hooligans and police in organized armed rebellion can not be ignored - street fighting in the capital of the neighboring state, where representatives of the Slavic people inextricably linked historically with the Russian people take their part, can not but disturb the public, government and the leadership of the Russian Federation. Ukrainian nationalists balancing on the edge of ramming attack put on the acting government call the events "revolution", though in fact it can be considered only as a coup, armed rebellion to seize power, well known in the present-day world under the common title "a color revolution". And it’s not just a random conclusion: in the Ukraine events we can discern signs all of us had met with in color revolutions in the CIS, Georgia, Central Asia, in the orange madness that spread over the Ukraine at the beginning of the two thousands, as well as during the recent revolutions of the Arab Spring.
World politics
Gusher A.I. - Political crisis in Ukraine pp. 15-26


Abstract: This article is devoted to the analysis of the political crisis in Ukraine in 2013-2014. Currently attention of all of the world is drawn to Ukraine. Ukraine and its problems are rather far from the top priorities and strategic goals of the USA, the EU and the NATO, while they are trying to convince themselves and the whole world that there is nothing more precious to them than protection of Ukrainian independence, democracy and well-being. In reality, their number one priority and main target is Russia. Ukraine is just a foothold for them. That is why they are so anxious to threaten Russia with various sanctions for being so persistent in the protection of its compatriots in Crimea and in the Southern and South-Eastern parts of Ukraine.  The military and political crisis in Ukraine put everything in its right places, and made the strategically situation in the world clear, giving us a good view on the true value of Russia and its democratic "friends and partners", as they are diplomatically referred to by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin. The true value of their friendship is shown in the events regarding the Crimea and its inalienable right to self-determination and choice of their destiny.
Manoilo A.V. - The armed riot in Ukraine: the wave of colored revolutions is moving towards Russia. pp. 27-35


Abstract: Currently attention of all of the world is drawn to the events in Ukraine. The Color Revolution 2.0 in  Kyiv put Ukraine at the verge of the civil war and break-up of the state based on geo-political tension lines, which shall not be peaceful or painless. In case of a break-up Ukraine shall follow the Yugoslavian scenario - war of everyone against everyone, genocide, terror, foreign intervention, and the number of victims shall be thousands.  Aggressive nationalism of the Westerners, who took over the government in Kyiv and who are openly calling upon the NATO intervention in the conflict against Russia, gives one the basis for such a forecast.  All of the above shall cause much damage to the security of the neighboring states, which shall may be lit on fire by the color revolutions. The consequences of such as scenario for Russia are horrible even to think of. The Arab Spring revolutions rolling over the CIS territory and hitting Russia may start the "Christian winter". The entire post-Soviet territory may be overrun by the "controlled chaos", the favorite invention of the Washington politicians, which is used for destabilizations of the opposition regimes.
Borodinov E.N. - Causes and effects of the insurrection in Ukraine. pp. 36-59


Abstract: Attention of the global community is drawn to the Ukraine and all the Russian people may not be indifferent to the events there, since Ukraine and Russia are connected by historical and cultural unity and relations.  The mayhem, which takes place in Ukraine is outside the scope of understanding of a normal adequate person, such are the derogations and persecutions towards the militia officers and their families, and the bloody provocations of the fighters of the "Right Sector" in the South-East of Ukraine. All of the above causes gravest concern among the population and the leaders of Russia. The concern is also caused by the insurrection in a fraternal country, which was actively supported by the so-called "democratic" states, the EU and the USA.  The statement of the USA that the pro-Fascist organizations played a "constructive role" in this bloody Bacchanalia makes one think about the organizers and sponsors of these special operations.  Due to the above, the analysis of the specific features of armed riots, as well as the factors serving as prerequisites for the armed takeover in a state, and the forecasts for the future developments in the situation in Ukraine become especially topical.
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