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Urban Studies

Landmarked buildings in the urban environment and Khabarovsks experience of their preservation

Baklyskii Pavel Vladimirovich

Senior Educator, the department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Pacific National University

680035, Russia, Khabarovskii krai, g. Khabarovsk, ul. Tikhookeanskaya, 136



Baklyskaia Larisa Evgen'evna

Docent, the department of Design of Architectural Environment, Pacific National University; Educator, Khabarovsk Technological College

680035, Russia, Khabarovskii krai, g. Khabarovsk, ul. Tikhookeanskaya, 136






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Abstract: The subject of this research is the problem of preservation of historical heritage aggravated to rapid urbanization, which is characteristic to many developing cities. Special attention is given to the existing trends of total destruction of historical and cultural monuments in the conditions of dense urban fabric. The relevance is defined by the dynamically increasing process of degradation, and at times, full destruction of environmental objects that are listed as state protected. The theoretical framework of this research is comprised of the system-environmental approach, which views the urban environment surrounding the landmarked object as a system that is in direct interaction with it. The novelty consists in practical application of theoretical provisions of the system-environmental approach to the specific conditions of Khabarovsk. Having explored over two dozen of landmarked buildings of the city, the authors reveal the contradiction between legislation intended for legal regulation of the protection and use of architectural heritage and the actual city practice of exploitation of historical buildings by the new owners of the landmarks. The study was conducted in cooperation and on behalf of Khabarovsk Regional Center for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments. The results are used in practical activity of the center and in development of its strategic goals.

Keywords: environmental approach, private home ownership, legal regulation, degradation of the historical environment, legislative acts, annotated catalog, architectural heritage, protection zones project, infill development, urban landscape
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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