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Monograph peer reviews
Goncharov V.V. - Review of the monograph: Arctic food security: problems of legal regulation / A. A. Kondrashov, S. A. Trofimova, I. B. Trofimova, B. N. Trofimov, L. G. Hocko, M. D. Dmitriev. - Krasnoyarsk, 2018. - 178 p. (ISBN 978-5-94617-432-9). pp. 32-36


Abstract: This article is a review of the monograph: Arctic food security: problems of legal regulation / A. A. Kondrashov, S. A. Trofimova, I. B. Trofimova, B. N. Trofimov, L. G. Hocko, M. D. Dmitriev. - Krasnoyarsk, 2018. - 178 p. (ISBN 978-5-94617-432-9).The monograph discussing the topical problem of Arctic food security was prepared by the group of authors in 2018. In the reviewer’s opinion, this is the first Russian holistic scientific research of the urgent legal problems of ensuring food security in the strategically important region of Russia. The authors use the range of scientific research methods including analysis, synthesis, comparison, classification, the formal logical and comparative-legal methods. The reviewer claims that the monograph fully meets the requirements of the current Russian legislation imposed on scientific works of such level, and is significant in both theoretical and practical aspects. The study can also be used for teaching in tertiary and higher education institutions of the country, particularly, for teaching in bachelor and master courses and specialist programmes on law faculties.  
Sadovnichii A. - Review of the monograph by E. V. Belova "Organization of crop insurance system with state support in the Russian Federation. - M., 2018 pp. 40-43


Abstract: This article is a review of the monograph: E. V. Belova "Organization of crop insurance system with state support in the Russian Federation. - M., 2018". This study was carried out by the author in 2018 on a fairly relevant scientific topic. The reviewer believes that this monograph is one of the first attempts of a comprehensive understanding of the need to use the crop insurance system with state support in the Russian Federation to support domestic agricultural producers. This is especially true in connection with the application of a set of socio-economic sanctions against Russia by the United States and the European Union.The monograph used a number of methods of scientific research, in particular: system and dialectical approaches; formal-logical; system-structural analysis; structural-functional analysis; statistical; sociological; various expert methods. According to the reviewer, the monographic study is sufficiently consistent with the requirements of the current legislation of Russia, which are applied to scientific works of this level, representing a wide interest both for researchers and for use in the practice of public authorities and local self-government. It can also be used in the educational process in higher and secondary special educational institutions of the country.
Boltaevskii A.A. - These people particularly focused on their work, not on the attributes of external success: a review of the work by S.A. Kozlov Russian agricultural scientists of the 19th - early 20th centuries: historical and biographical essays. Political Encyclopaedia, 2019, 967 pp.
pp. 44-50


Abstract: The research subject is the work of the senior research fellow of the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences S.A. Kozlov, studying business activities of Russian agricultural scientists of the 19th - early 20th centuries and their work aimed at popularization of science. The author describes the roles of 13 pioneers, the real professionals and zealots, who for various reasons were forgotten in the Soviet period of history, in educating Russian peasantry and improving particular sectors of agriculture. The reviewed work is based on a wide set of published and archive sources. Kozlov’s research uses the concrete historical approach and the comparative historical method. The author studies the life and work of the scientists in the context of the transformations which were happening at that period of the history of Russia. The scientific novelty of the work consists in the fact that it is the first to attempt to evaluate the evolution of agricultural economic thought in Russia which, by the end of the 19th century, had become an independent element of social culture. The analysis of ideas of pre-revolutionary agricultural scientists who substantiated the necessity to combine traditions and novations, helps to study the experience that can be used for modernization of agriculture in Russia.  
Boltaevskii A.A. - "Agriculture is the Soul of the State": Review of the Monograph of Zhao Lingling "How to Feed a Nation: Agricultural Innovation in China." SPb.: Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, 2017. 147 p. pp. 52-56


Abstract: The subject of the study is a monograph by the Chinese author Zhao Linglin "How to Feed the Nation: China's Agricultural Innovations". This work is included in a series of books published by the St. Petersburg State Economic University in cooperation with the China Intercontinental Publishing House. Its relevance is due to the fact that in connection with the demographic explosion and depletion of resources, the solution of the problem of food security is a priority for most modern countries. The focus is on the innovations and biotechnologies that China uses to ensure its food security. While working on the review, Boltaevsky has used systems approach and logical methods as well as methods of historical and sociological analysis. The novelty of the research is caused both by the weak knowledge of the broad readership of dynamically developing China within which BRICS is becoming an increasingly important partner for our country and rich factual data on the state and prospects of the Chinese agricultural sector. The main conclusion of the monograph is that under the conditions of innovative economy small traditional producers give way to centralized enterprises using modern biotechnologies.
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