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Night Dreams as the Emanation of the 'Social Subconscious'. Article 2 . The Army

Korolev Sergei Alekseevich

Doctor of Philosophy

Leading research assistant at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119991, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Volkhonka, 14/1, str. 5, of. 428

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Abstract: This article is the continuation of the study of night dreams as a kind of emanation of so-called "social subconscious". Having considered general approaches to the matter in his previous article (Night Dreams as the Emanation of the 'Social Subconscious'. Article 1. Problem Definition), the author goes on to analyze dreams related to a certain topic, particularly, the military segment of so called 'disciplinary dreams' about the army, military service and war. The researcher relies primarily on Freud’s conclusion about the existence of a special class of typical dreams and on the ideas of Carl Jung that dreams do not only contains traces of accomplishment of desires but rather reflect the fear or anxiety of an individual. The subject under review is the social network posts and comments that describe dreams of particular Internet users. The author demonstrates that a great part of military dreams reproduce intensely gloomy and anxious scenes as the reflection of dominating emotions of dreamers. To a certain degree, negative scenes appearing in military dreams are discounted by the phantasmagoric nature of dreams. Dream constructs generated by the subconscious mind are fantastically mixed with what might happen in the reality and cause anxiety and fear and phantoms that are obviously beyound the reality. Finally, in his research Korolev states that there is a certain similarity between surrealistic inclusions into the layer of 'social subconscious' and artefacts of actual art. Such comparison is possible from the point of view of phantasmagoric and irrational features of these phenomena as well as their purpose to repeat what is unrepeatable. To some extent, this can be referred to the researcher's analysis of mass sources including posts and comments on the Internet. 

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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