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Historicism as a principle
Gulyaikhina E.S. - Development of American School in Early XIX Century: Implementation of Joseph Neef Democratic Ideals in Educational Process pp. 121-146
Abstract: The article is devoted to Joseph Neef’s educational activities who sequentially implemented J.G. Pestalozzi’s ideas in the socio-cultural reality of the New World in early XIX-th century, seeking to do them basic principles of forming system of USA public education. The author examines the contribution to natural education development by the American educator and makes a comparative analysis of pedagogical conceptions of Pestalozzi and J. Neef.
Sosenkov F.S. - The Unity of Russia and the Conservative Approaches to Education: Political and Legal Views of S. S. Uvarov and K. P. Pobedonostsev pp. 126-136


Abstract: The subject of research is the idea of the national unity and their relationship with the direction of development of national education, expressed in the works of the representatives of the conservative social and political thought of S. S. Uvarov and K. P. Pobedonostsev. For the purpose of work is to analyze the scientific and journalistic works Uvarov and Pobedonostsev to determine the positions of the scientists on the problems of state unity and counteract the centrifugal tendencies of the state-legal development of Russia. Special attention is paid to such sources as "Some General principles that can guide the management of the Ministry of national education", "Decade of the Ministry of national education. 1833 - 1843" (S. S. Uvarov), "The Great lie of our time" (K. P. Pobedonostsev).In the course of work used historical and comparative research methods, system analysis, and context-based analysis of the text. Scientific novelty of the conducted research is the problem of the relationship between welfare state unity, anti-separatism and development of the state system of education. Studied theoretical and practical experience of S. S. Uvarov and K. P. Pobedonostsev in education suggests that the development of the national spirit of the education system is a necessary ideological resource of state unity.
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