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Bless your name teacher
Levin V.I. - Iosif Kassirsky as a Distinguished Soviet Scientist and Doctor. On the 115th Anniversary of Birth pp. 14-41


Abstract: The article provides a review of the biography of a distinguished doctor and scientist, teacher and wonderful person Iosif Kassirsky. The author of the article gives a detailed analysis of Kassirsky's scientific, teaching, administrative and doctor's activities. The author underlines Kassirsky's great contribution to the creation of the Soviet scientific and medical school in the sphere of hematology and tropical diseases. Much attetion is being paid to the description of a brilliant and amazing personality of Iosif Kassirsky. The article contains memories of Kassirsky's colleagues, friends, students and relatives as well as analysis of the main peculiarities of Kassirsky's research and teaching activities in the sphere of medicine. The author also touches upon Kassirsky's administrative and social activities. Personal qualities of Kassirsky are emphasized. These are the very qualities that are so much remembered by his contemporaries. In conclusion the author gives a general evaluation of Kassirsky's researches in medicine and the school founded by him. The article also provides a full list of Kassirsky's basic publications. 
Levin V.I. - Leonard Andreevich Rastrigin as the Scientist and Science Populizer pp. 19-52


Abstract: The history of life and scientific and pedagogical activity of the world famous Soviet scientist Leonard Andreevich Rastrigin is recreated. Its scientific biography is very in detail stated.Its scientific activity and results received by it is in details considered. A lot of place is given to its work as the research supervisor of graduate students and doctoral candidates, and also his scientific and educational activity. Memories of it of his colleagues and pupils are given. Much attention is paid to L.A. Rastrigin's identity, his human destiny. The complete list of all of its numerous publications published by it books a general characteristic is provided: articles, reports, reviews, monographs, popular scientific books, etc. Scientific, pedagogical and scientific and promotional activity of the outstanding scientist and outstanding human person – professor L.A. Rastrigin (1929–1998), his life full of dramatic nature sated with the continuous conflicts to partsovbyurokrata of the Soviet state is for the first time in detail described.Work is based on the analysis of the scientific, methodical and popular scientific works published by L.A. Rastrigin. Unpublished memories of Rastrigin of his colleagues and pupils, including personal memoirs of the author are also widely used. The main conclusions are as follows: 1) L.A. Rastrigin was the outstanding scientist, the founder of the theory and practice of casual search – a new effective method of management of work of difficult systems; 2) He was also outstanding organizer of scientific researches though didn't hold any large administrative posts, and the excellent teacher, the research supervisor of graduate students and doctoral candidates who prepared a large number of candidates and doctors of science
Levin V.I. - Sofya Aleksandrovna Yanovskaya. Life and Fate. pp. 72-125
Abstract: The article brings up the personal and scientific biography of a wonderful person, teacher and scientist Sofya Alexandrovna Yanovskaya. The article gives a fairly detailed analysis of her researches and teachings, particular attention is paid to her important role in the creation of the Soviet scientific school in the fields of mathematical logic and history of mathematics. With special attention the author describes Yanovskaya S.A. as an amazing person, gives numerous memories of her colleagues, friends and students, vividly recreating the various aspects of her life and work. The author analyzes the main features of her teaching manners and research activities in the field of mathematical logic, history and philosophy of mathematics, addresses the subject of her social and political activities. In this regard, the author brings up the detailed information on accusations of Yanovskaya S.A. in the participation in the 1930’s “massacres” of the old school of scientists who did not share the Marxist-Leninist ideology. These accusations are analyzed in detail and refuted. In conclusion, the article provides a general assessment of the scientific level of work SA Yanovskaya and a list of her major publications.
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