Электронный журнал Полицейская и следственная деятельность - №3 за 2015 год - Содержание - список статей - ISSN: 2409-7810 - Издательство NotaBene
Police and Investigative Activity
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Contents of Issue № 03/2015
The police and protection of human rights
Bukalerova L.A., Atabekova A.A., Simonova M.A. - On the necessity of criminal liability of legal persons for sexual abuse of children pp. 1-8


Abstract: As in many countries in the world, one of the problems of childhood in Russia is a prevalence of problem families, cruel treatment of children and all forms of abuse of children. The article presents a range of recommendations for the Russian legislator about implementation of the provisions of the Council of Europe Convention on Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, “the Lanzarote Convention” of 25.10.2007, ratified by Russia in the Federal Law of 07.05.2013 № 76-FZ. The methodology of the research is a set of general scientific and special methods of cognition. The methodology is based on the dialectical method with its requirements of objectivity, comprehensiveness, historicity, and distinctiveness of the truth. Among general scientific methods the authors use the methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison and measurement. As the special method the comparative legal method is used. According to the article 26 of the Convention, a legal person can be held liable for an offence established in accordance with this Convention, committed for its benefit. Among these offences are child pornography, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. The bill of the Federal Law “On Amendments to Particular Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation after the introduction of criminal liability of legal persons” has been discussed in Russia for several years. Thereupon the authors suppose that it is necessary to pay special attention to sexual offences against children committed by legal persons. 
The police and criminal procedure
Khamidullin R.S. - Certain peculiarities of criminal investigation in case of application of special rules of criminal procedure in a case of conclusion of a pre-trial agreement pp. 9-16


Abstract: The subject of the study is the range of regularities and peculiarities of criminal investigation in a case of conclusion of a pre-trial agreement on cooperation. The object of the research is the range of social relations arising during the detection and investigation of crimes including those between the investigator and the suspect (accused). In the study special attention is paid to the analysis of the motives of suspects and accused persons which lead them to enter into a "plea bargain" thus allowing them to use the encouraging measures of criminal procedure. The author uses a complex of general and specific scientific methods of cognition including the formal-logical method, the systems method, the methods of analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction and other methods of scientific research. The author reveals some peculiarities of investigation of criminal cases in which the suspect (accused) enters into a pre-trial agreement on cooperation and uses the measures of preliminary investigation optimization including the protection of suspects (accused) in case of threat to their safety. 
Operative investigation in police work
Badikov K.N. - Psycho-dermatoglyphic analysis of a genetic program of behavior pp. 17-25


Abstract: The research focuses on the whorls of fingerprints in the context of psycho-dermatoglyphic links. The author reasons the principle of integrity of psycho-dermatoglyphic links which makes it possible to carry out psychodiagnostics on the base of the revealed congenital cerebral pathology and its minimal clinical forms. The correlation between the system of dermatoglyphic features (general and particular) and the functional state of the brain structures accentuates the psychodiagnostic importance of psycho-dermatoglyphic links for the creation of a psychological profile. A correlative pleiad of neuropsychological and psychophysiological links forms a reflected system of correlation presented in the complex of dermal features. The calculation and analysis of these features is aimed at acquisition of psychodiagnostic information about the owner of the fingerprint. The methodology of the research contains the innovative approach to the analysis of psycho-dermatoglyphic links. The author uses the psycho-dermatoglyphic method based on statistical and morphological analysis of fingerprints. Particular dermatoglyphic features and rudiments are considered to be diagnostically important. The author uses integral analysis of general and particular features formed in the conditions of a system. The applied system of a fingerprint mapping and the analysis of psycho-dermatoglyphic links for establishing of the level of social adaptation are certified with a patent in the sphere of “Forensic medicine”. The psycho-dermatoglyphic method of the fingerprint owner establishing gives the opportunity to single out the leading psychical features of a person which influence the level of social adaptation. Psycho-dermatoglyphic links considered from the position of psychogenetics help to reveal the psycho-dermatoglyphic markers reflecting the individual genetic program of a person. 
Financial and economical functions of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs authorities and institutions
Khadiatulina T.A. - Improvement of the mechanism of financial support for the Federal Bailiffs' Service of Russia pp. 26-44


Abstract: The object of the research is the mechanism of the federal authorities financing.The subject of the research includes the financial relations developing in the federal bodies of state power over the formation and use of budgetary funds.The author studies the features of the formation and the efficient use of financial resources of the federal authorities and evaluation of the quality of public services.The article considers the problem of the mechanism of financial support of a public authority (for example, the Federal Bailiffs' Service of Russia). Particular attention is paid to the analysis of financial activity of the Federal Bailiffs' Service with the aim to identify the problems and trends in the use of financial resources of the federal authorities.The author uses the following methodological approaches: the general scientific (systems, materialistic) and the methods of scientific cognition (analysis, synthesis, system comparisons).In the result of a quantitative analysis of graduate students' readiness for the public service on the basis of a sample survey of 200 senior students of two higher education institutions in the city of Kaluga (the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) the author concludes that students are only interested in the wage rate on public service. The  3/4 of the students could not answer the question "what do you think will help you realize your public service ambitions fully?".The author comes to the conclusion about the necessity to improve the legislation about law enforcement and the bailiffs' service in terms of the bailiffs' workload, their rights and responsibilities, and other criteria. 
Professional training of police officers
Makarov V.M., Zhuravlev A.A. - Self-defense and martial arts in the activities of internal affairs officers of the Russian Federation pp. 45-213


Abstract: Martial arts (combat section of sambo) are an integral part of physical training in the police department, they are designed to repel an attack, fast and safely dispose of an offender. In addition, martial arts are an integral part of self-defense. For a better and deeper exploration of the techniques studied by this discipline the officer should first, at least theoretically, study the system of self-defense, and then, enriched with the knowledge, practically train the basic fighting techniques.This article consists of two parts. The first part briefly presents the theory of self-defense. The second part describes the basic and the most effective methods of sambo.
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