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Security Issues

Improvement of transport and logistic systems management in the conditions of growing threat of maritime terrorism and piracy

Zelenkov Mikhail

Professor, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

105005, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. 2-Ya baumanskaya, 5

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The object of this research is the transport and logistics system. The subject of this research is the maritime terrorism and piracy as a threat to transport and logistics process at sea. The goal consists to determine and substantiate the manifestations of maritime terrorism and piracy as a remaining threat to commercial operation of maritime transport. Analysis is conducted on the potential object of terrorist attacks, piracy affected areas, as well as tactics and methods used by terrorist organizations, which allowed formulating five main forms of maritime terrorism based on the criteria of use of maritime space and selection of targets by terrorists. Special role is assigned to determination of the key factors contributing to maritime terrorism and piracy, peculiarities of their manifestation in most problematic areas of the World Ocean. The scientific novelty consists in theoretical and practical substantiation of the choice of research methods. The acquired results led to the conclusion that each sea transport region has its own specificities in manifestation of maritime terrorism and piracy. At the same time, there are universal forms, methods and means of their manifestation. Based on these facts, the author determined and substantiated the three basic areas for improvement of transport and logistic systems management to attenuate threats of maritime terrorism and piracy in the XXI century.

Keywords: piracy, maritime terrorism, Africa, Southeast Asia, water transport, maritime logistics, commercial exploitation, transport security, transport and logistics systems, management
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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