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Foreign exchange market, currency and banking
Chkhutiashvili L.V. - Russian Сommercial Banks Under Current Conditions: Main Areas of Quality Improvement and Development Prospects pp. 51-76


Abstract: The article is devoted to weaknesses and prospects of development of the Russian commercial banks under current conditions of anti-crisis support of the Russian banking system by the Central Bank of Russia. The key to successful bankig strategy is good bussiness practice, minimization of bank expenses, formation of a package of favorable offers to customers, active effective communication policy on promotion of the bank and its services. Comparing the range of banking services which are today offered to customers by the Russian banks, to what is typical for banks in the countries with the developed market economy where by different estimates customers receive from several hundred to several thousand services, once can imagine what tremendous work banks should develop to improve their activity as the market is formed and developed.  Under the conditions of preparation of a national financial system for a full-scale inclusion into the world market within the WTO and the increase in the competition in the financial capital market of Russia results in need to look for new sources of development for the majority of large and average banks. It applies  to both domestic and foreign banks operating in the territory of the country.
Grekova I.Y. - Legal Regulation of the Securities Market pp. 53-62


Abstract: The present article reveals the concept of legal regulation of the securities market in Russia. The author offers a defiition of legal regulation of financial markets and outlines typical features of regultion of the securities market. 
Moldovanov M.M. - Foreign practice of using the analysis of bank deposit contract as means of addressing the world financial and economic crisis pp. 100-120


Abstract: This article explores various banking systems, as well as defining traits of bank deposit contract legal regulation in the USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Norway, Venezuela and other countries. The author also examines the specifics of financial and credit systems of Islamic countries. The author defines the legal nature of banks in Western countries and explores foreign practices in securing returns of bank deposits. The author also analyzes legal norms which regulate legal relationships regarding bank deposit contracts in foreign countries. In closing, the author offers several lawmaking suggestions based on successfully implemented foreign banking law that, according to the author, are capable of contributing to overcoming of the world economy crisis within Russian Federation.
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