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Ignatova I.V. - Government as the Sphere of Representation of the Concept of 'Power' in Youth Dystopian Novels of the Early XXIst Century (Anaylsis of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games' Trilogy) pp. 9-17


Abstract: Subject of the analysis of article is language representation of a concept "power" at the description of a state system of society in art work anti-Utopia of the beginning of the 21st century. The political concept "power" verbalized in all languages which carriers live in the society operated on the basis of the imperious relations is one of the most difficult owing to the ambiguity and valuable orientation. Having assumed that the sphere of the state is extremely significant for creation of a picture of the fictional world in anti-utopian novels, the author describes ways of verbalization of the studied concept on material of the popular youth trilogy anti-Utopia S. Collins "Hungry Games". The interpretative analysis of the revealed means of verbalization of a concept "power" including as key words-reprezentanty, so their wide and narrow contextual environment proves multidimensionality, complexity and valuable orientation of the studied mental essence, and also confirm the thesis about dual essence of the power: the "ideal" state, as a rule, the democracy, exercises "the power for" the people, achievement of social justice in society, freedoms, happiness, welfare; his contrast (the totalitarian state with the governor despot) realizes the "power for the sake of the power" installation through "the power over" the individual and society by means of tyranny, system of punishments, deprivation or extreme restriction of vital resources, shadowing, standards of behavior and the interpersonal relations. Novelty of work consists in the choice as material of research of the concept "power" which is typically staticized in a political discourse, the text of youth art work anti-Utopia of the beginning of the 21st century, definition of the leading imperious installations for the sphere of the state which are staticized as "the power over" a people at large for the purpose of providing "the authorities for" the tyrant.
Bondarenko Y. - pp. 49-62


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