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Theoretical and Applied Economics

The Russian Economy Under Global Globalization Processes: the Place inthe NIDL (the New International Division of Labor)
Samorodova Elena

PhD in Economics

associate professor of the Department of Economic Theory and World Economy at Orlov State University of Economics and Trade

302028, Russia, Orel Region, Orel, str. Oktyabr'skaya, 12, of. 108-2

Parshutina Inna

Doctor of Economics

professor of the Department of Merchandizing, Quality of Commodities and Tourism at Orlov State University of Economics and Trade

302028, Russia, Orel Region, Orel, str. Oktyabr'skaya, 12

Soboleva Yuliya

PhD in Economics

associate professor of the Department of Marketing and Trading at Orlov State University of Economics and Trade

302028, Russia, Orel Region, Orel, str. Oktyabr'skaya, 12



The subject of the research is processes of involvement of Russia in modern system of the international job specialization and the international trade relations. The object of the research is the condition of the Russian foreign trade sphere caused by national peculiarities of development of economy. Authors in detail consider the following aspects of a subject: forming of open economy as tendencies of national economic development; a condition of the foreign trade sphere as a result of features of the present stage of development of national economy in the conditions of globalization of economies; specifics of the place and a role of Russia in the international job specialization. The methodology of a research is based on use of system approach, methods of the specific and economic, logical, statistical analysis, generalization, expert evaluations are applied. During the research conclusions that in a number of parameters the economy of Russia can be carried to one of global world trade centers, on some other – to the periphery of the world economy are formulated. In spite of the fact that in economy of Russia the separate elements corresponding to post-industrial model of managing are created, raw orientation of the Russian export determines the main place and a role of Russia in MRT. Features of structure of import and change in its dynamics mean use of model of import substitution which is objectively supported need of similar actions for conditions entering of political and economic sanctions. Import substitution, along with a bearish tendency in export and import, confirms decrease in openness of national economy, reduces possibilities of receipt of additional benefits from participation in MRT. Can change and strengthen the line items in MRT Russia in the conditions of lack of geopolitical risks for implementations of innovative model of development and implementation of innovative upgrade of economy. Novelty of a research is that the national environment of forming of the international economic relations is considered as a basis of participation of the country in system of the international job specialization; on the basis of the commonly accepted traditional indicators author's estimates of degree of openness of economy of Russia, from the point of view of the prospects of its participation in MRT during an era of globalization of world economic space are given.

Keywords: globalization processes, competitive position, import substitution , economic transparency coefficients, open economy, import, export, foreign trade, global economic relations, international division of labor



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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