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A Machine tool hydraulic station management system modeling
Gubanova Aleksandra Anatol'evna

Lecturer at Don State Technical University

344000, Russia, Rostovskaya oblast', g. Rostov-Na-Donu, Gagarina, 1

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Martynenko Andrei Ivanovich

Postgraduate at the Department of Production Processes Automation of Don State Technical University 

344000, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, pl. Gagarina, 1



The research subject is the system of management of a machine tool hydraulic system used for hydraulic drive power supply of metal-cutting machines. The article contains the results of simulation modeling of the system in the MathLab software package and analyzes the transitional processes of these models. The authors show that the quality if a hydraulic station management determines reliability and productivity of a particular cutting unit. This problem is especially topical for cutting machines with computer numerical control used for deep-hole drilling with carbide drills within the wings for cutting oil input. Cutting oil input through the cutting zone in many aspects depends on the presence and the condition of chips in drill channels in the function of embedding (to 9d). The authors perform the simulation of pump performance management in the function of changing consumption using the MathLab modeling, since when achieving the critical pressure of 65-70 MPa, forced ejection of a drill from a cutting zone is necessary, and sometimes it is impossible to perform in reality. The authors propose simulation models, which help analyze the hydraulic station performance without technological equipment. The article considers the system of a hydraulic station management on the basis of micro PLCs Siemens S7-224XP. The authors analyze the management subsystem for a controller realizing the temperature control and cutting oil consumption law. 

Keywords: temperature stabilization, temperature control, disturbance, transition process, CNC machine, simulation, machine tool hydraulic station, controller, dynamic model, static error



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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