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Man and Culture

At the origins of music analysis in the USSR: Lev Kulakovsky

Zakharov Yurii

Doctor of Art History

Professor, the department of History and Theory of Music, Victor Popov Academy of Choral Art

125565, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Festival'naya, 2

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Abstract: The article discusses the scientific biography of the Soviet musicologist and folklorist Lev Kulakovsky (1897-1989). Particular attention is paid to the original methodology of melody analysis developed by Kulakovsky in 1928-1930. This methodology was based on the Theory of modal rhythm by B. Yavorsky. Kulakovsky identified three formants of melody (modal structure, mode-metric structure, melody pattern), consistently demonstrating the methods of analysis of each of them. His work shows the results of the statistical analysis of 255 songs of different nations on the basis of calculating the mode-metrical index of each tune. Kulakovsky considered melodic patterns and modal tensions as two opposing forces. Nevertheless Kulakovsky’s theory was undeservedly forgotten in the USSR due to the ideological factors. In the following years scientist turned to the study of Russian folklore; also he developed the hypothesis of syncretic unity of word and singing at “The Tale of Igor's Campaign”.

Keywords: analysis of expressivity, melodic center, theory of modal rhythm, Boleslav Yavorsky, Lev Kulakovsky, ethnomusicology, analysis of melody, Musicology of 1920-s, ideology and musicology, The Tale of Igor's Campaign
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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