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Publications of Kuchukov Magomed Musaevich
Philosophical Thought, 2017-7
Kuchukov M.M., Kuchukova Z.M. - Ideal origins and existence of forms of planetarization of socio-historical subjectness pp. 101-113


Abstract: At the brink of the XX and XXI centuries, planetary community joins and makes self-realizing society the fear of current and expected tectonic shifts in the system of modern world order. There have emerged an immense field of panhuman tension; processes of chaotization of social life became usual; significant changes of lifestyle of a man took place. Conceptualization of the happening social transformation is realized in the context of the notion “globalization”. But the constructs of worldwide society, created within the paradigm of globalization, appeared to be so manifold and contradictory that led to the blurring of understanding of social nature and content of the events. The question of what takes place at present time, meaning of global changes, and contours of the possible future at the brink of centuries became the subject of acute interest. The goal of this research consists in determination of the key link that sets unity for the diversified links taking place within the world system transformations. The work is realized based on the following suppositions: in human sociality, as a trend of evolutionary processes, exists the phenomenon of planetarization of socio-historical subjectness; specificity of the transformation processes of globalization eta lies not in globalization, but rather changes or the already emerged practice of influencing the content and form of existence of the socio-historical subjectness at planetary level. The scientific novelty is defined by the following: logic and argumentation of introducing into the scientific discourse of the world system transformation of the notion of “planetarization of socio-historical subjectness”; conceptualization of social content and role of the indicated phenomenon, which is able to become the foundation for centering, systematization, and comprehension of the happening transformation process of the world system; determination of the forms of existence of phenomena at the level of functionality of psycho-physiological and mental structures of a man, consciousness, and self-consciousness, and social formations.
Philosophical Thought, 2014-7
Kuchukov M.M. - Civilizational (European) Metaphysical Gounds of Ethnic Destructiveness pp. 46-63


Abstract: At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries the society discovered a new phenomenon – ethnic explosion. Even though there is a great variety of forms of ethnic activation, they all have one feature in common which is the destructive influence on existence of the state entities. Relevance of research is defined by the contents and novelty of the formulated problem. The analysis of civilization prerequisites of emergence of ethnic disruptiveness is carried out on materials of the countries which arose within the European civilization matrix. Interest in a subject is caused also by the need for conceptualization of existence of metaphysical prerequisites of genesis of conflict ethnicity. Work is performed on the basis of use of the principles of systemacity and historicism. The comparative method is applied to specification of separate aspects of the received results. The following conclusions have been made by the researcher: a) civilization models of sociality created in the European countries by the phenomena which became prerequisites of a national and ethnic conflictness include ideas of Freedom, Equality and Justice; b) their transformation into the phenomena stimulating a conflictness of ethnos is a consequence of efforts to extend an abstract ideal of the interpersonal relations to coexistence and the relations of transpersonal educations including national and ethnic communities.
Philosophical Thought, 2014-5
Kuchukov M.M. - Historicity of History as a Phenomenon of Social Life pp. 1-16


Abstract: At the turn of the late XXth — the early XXIth, the age of the processes of choatization of the world order, history appeared to be the necessary prerequisite of destructive activity of various type of social subjects. There was a problem of definition of a social role of history, existence of different type of functionality in a context of social processes. The history, exists and as set of specific and various actions of certain people, the human groups being in interrelation and forming planetary society and as a clot of information of having impact on public life. This second form also is an analysis subject. The article is based on the principles of systemacity and historicism, unity historical and logical. More specifically, the method of the comparative-historical analysis is used. Initial in research is the analysis of judgments of F. Nietzsche about emergence and history existence in human life, about the reasons and forms of negative influence of history on outlook and activity of the person. The method of comparative-historical research revealed features of occurring transformations with history in the present. Scientific novelty is defined by creation of the concept of change of a social role, the contents and a history form in time, feature of manifestation of its historicity in active existence of society.
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