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Publications of Tokarev Nikita Andreevich
Culture and Art, 2019-8
Tokarev N.A. - Vadim Novikov as an Artist, Professor and Music Professional. Creative Portrait pp. 30-39


Abstract: When it comes to modern performing art in Russia, researchers mostly recall modern mucisians. As for musicians who stand at the origins of modern artistic performance, they are mostly thought of as the 'older generation' whose work is not so important today. Their activity is viewed mostly as a compilation of achievements of the past. As a result, analysis of Russian musicians who founded the 'new' performing school is a topical issue for research. In this article Tokarev covers performing, teaching and social activity of Vadim Novikov, the leader and participant of the process of creation and development of modern trumpet playing of Moscow Conservatory. Tokarev also touches upon Vadim Novikov's innovations. The article is based on the principle of historicism as well as the methods of comparative and descriptive analysis. In addition, the researcher has also used historical chronological and problematic/chronological methods in order to successively analyze phenomena and each stage of historical development. At the present time, the personality of Vadim Novikov as the founder of solo trumpet performance at Moscow Conservatory has not been studied as fully as it should be. Available researches do not fully cover all sides of the musician's creativity. Surely, these researches contain valuable material but they either ignore special issues or are limited to particular chronological framework and this is why cannot be considered as a full research of Vadim Novikov's creative life. Tokarev describes the main contribution of Vadim Novikov into trumpet performance art and teaching performing art. 
Man and Culture, 2019-4
Tokarev N.A. - Modern performing art of playing the trumpet in the Moscow Conservatory pp. 45-54


Abstract: The subject of this research is the modern performing school of playing the trumpet at the Moscow Conservatory. The article reviews the modern professional training in the art of playing the trumpet and the activity of pedagogues-trumpeters of the Moscow Conservatory since 1970 until now. The author traces the evolution of the modern performing school of playing the trumpet, highlights the basic artistic principles of the pedagogues-trumpeters of the Moscow Conservatory, similarities and differences in their methods and performing principles. The article provides the previously known information of their creative activity, as well as the new facts obtained through conversations and interview. The selected complex methodology combines the logical analysis, retrospective method, chronological method, systemic analysis, comparative and descriptive analysis, method of classification; analytical, and historiographical approaches towards studying documental materials. The scientific novelty consists in the detailed coverage of the work of V. Novikov, A. Ikov, A. Korniliev, V. Lavrik and L. Guryev in the Moscow Conservatory, description of similarities and differences in their methods, innovations, continuity of pedagogical and performing traditions and principles.
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