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Publications of Martyshenko Sergei Nikolaevich
Sociodynamics, 2020-3
Martyshenko S.N. - Socio-psychological analysis of the attitude of student youth of Primorsky Krai on starting a family pp. 46-62


Abstract: This article observe the trends that have emerged over the recent years among student youth regarding the institution of family and having children, which negatively affect the demographic situation in the country. The question of preparing students to future family life is extremely relevant. The subject of this research is the socio-psychological aspects of the formation of attitude on starting a family among student youth. The object is the students of Primorsky Krai. Special attention is given to students’ assessment of the factors deteriorating birthrate in the region. The research is based on analysis of the data acquired from various sociological surveys on studying socialization processes of student youth in the modern society. It is determined that the orientations towards starting a family and having children decisively form while studying in the university. Therefore, the educational establishments should dedicated due attention on preparing students to family life. It is necessary to develop the effective instruments for influencing social orientations on stimulating the process of family building. The universities should host mass events for increasing communication skill of the student youth. Currently, there are no mechanisms developed in the Internet for influencing the young generation; thus, this problem requires immediate solution.
Sociodynamics, 2018-11
Martyshenko S.N. - Analysis of the factors that affect social wellbeing of student youth in Primorksy Krai pp. 59-71


Abstract: The subject of this research is the social wellbeing (main trends, influencing factors) of student youth in Primorsky Krai over the period of 2017-2018. Relevance of this topic is associated with the fact that for Primorsky Krai of particular significance is the problem of distribution of migration moods caused by the feeling of discontent with the socioeconomic situation in the region. Special attention is given to the examination of social expectations of the students pertinent to future employment and level of wages after graduating the university. The study is based on the analysis of data of the online surveys on the basis of Google platform of the students of Far Eastern universities. The acquires results on the assessment of social wellbeing of student youth of Primorsky Krai testify to the dissatisfaction with the quality of living, fairly high level of weariness from anticipating changes, inflated consumer expectations, overriding importance of material stimuli, readiness to temporary labor migration. The latter factor in Primorsky Krai is aggravated by the fact that the initial financial base of primary family significantly lags behind the financial base of central regions.
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