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Urban Studies

Architectural and space-planning peculiarities of the city of Manzhouli

Glatolenkova Ekaterina

Senior Educator, the department of Design of Architectural Environment, Pacific National University

680035, Russia, Khabarovskii krai, g. Khabarovsk, ul. Tikhookeanskaya, 136

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Abstract: The subject of this article is the peculiarities of architectural and space-planning structure of the city of Manzhouli. One of the many settlements formed in the beginning of the XX century due to construction of the China Far East Railway is of particular research interest, first and foremost, because the development of the city reflects the common in formation of railway settlements of concessional period, while at the same time, demonstrates individual features in architecture and space-planning. The author provides a historical overview of construction of the city and surrounding areas, studies the architecture of residential and public buildings of the early XX century, as well as spatial development of the city. Methodological foundation contains the methods of comparative, functional, and factor analysis for describing the urban development process and determining the distinct characteristics of the settlement and construction objects. Empirical base includes the geographical and archival materials, particularly, maps, blueprints and field research data of railway settlements lengthwise railway line from Manzhouli  to Suifenhe conducted by the author in August 2018. There is a lot of Russian scientific and publicist works dedicated to cultural heritage of the Russian concession in the Northeast of China. The author’s contribution lies in description of the distinctive features s of space-planning structure of historic development of the city of Manzhouli; analysis of the modern state and space-planning arrangement of the extant Russian neighborhoods, and determination of their place and role within structure of the city.

Keywords: history, railway station, railway settlements, town-planning, town-planning development, interaction of cultures, architectural heritage, paired settlements, border zone, settlement
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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