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Air transport
Lushkin A.M. - The image of corporate safety management system of air traffic pp. 1-13


Abstract: The subject of this research is the corporate safety management system of air traffic. The author carefully examines such aspects of the topic as the management of safety of air traffic of aircraft operators based on the concept of acceptable risk. Special attention is paid to analysis of the image of corporate safety management systems of aircraft that ensures the control of risks of their use in terms of the requirements and standards of the International Air Transport Association, as well as the practice of the International Civil Aviation Organization. The research methodology combines methods of systemic analysis, engineering of complex systems, analysis of flight safety, and synthesis of organizational technical systems. The main conclusion lies in the structure of the standard safety control system of aircraft formed using the experience of implementation and development of the corporate safety management system of air traffic in the leading airlines of Russia. The author’s special contribution into examination of this topic is consideration by the proposed standard system of flight safety of the international and state requirements, as well as the safety control procedures.
Zinkin V.N., Somov M.V., Penchuchenko V.V., Kharitonov V.V., Sheshegov P.M. - Criteria importance of potential unreliability of actions in the research of professional work capacity of the aviation specialists pp. 14-31


Abstract: The subject of this research is the ensuring of reliable professional activity of the flight and engineer technical personnel of aircraft under the impact of aircraft noise. The object is the functional reliability of operator of the aviation ergatic system. The author examine such aspect of the topic as the analysis of reliability of professional activity of aircraft flight-lifting and engineer technical personnel that ensures the employment of modern aircraft in execution of their professional responsibilities at workplace, including the use of individual and collective protection from noise. The research methodology combines the methods of reliability theory, acoustics engineering, aeronautical acoustics, system analysis and probability theory. The main conclusions of the study consist in the positions that aircraft noise is a potential source of danger, which substantiates the increased risk of erroneous actions of aviation professionals and development of professional diseases that result in the early professional disqualification. Authors’ special contribution into the research of this topic lies in acquisition of the quantitative estimates regarding the potential unreliability of actions flight-lifting and engineer technical personnel.
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