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Automobile transport
Burkaltseva D.D., Kosten D., Kovalyova I.N., Borsch L., Blazhevich O. - Peculiarities and prospects of development of the car insurance market in Russia pp. 14-30


Abstract: The economically developed countries successfully realize vehicle insurance – the process of financial compensation for damage to the individuals suffered as a result the use of their vehicle or its theft. Such type of insurance compensates for various damages not only to the participants of motor vehicle traffic, but also to the third parties who accidently become the victims of the road traffic accidents. Considering the currents status and development prospects of the motor vehicle pool in Russia, it can be suggested that in near future, car insurance will become a leading branch of the national insurance market. Due to this fact, the timely solution for the existing in this sphere issues of institutional, organizational-legal, and socioeconomic character will be required. The subject of this research is the peculiarities of trends in car insurance. The goal is the examination of these peculiarities alongside the prospects of development of the car insurance market in Russia at the present stage. The author determines the main trends in car insurance in the Russian Federation, as well as demonstrates the number of accidents and their victims. The specificities of car insurance in Russia are being revealed on the example of OSAGO and KASKO. Taking into account the main trends and issues in car insurance in the Russian Federation, the author proposes the development of strategy aimed at institutionalization of the system of socioeconomic relations. The stages of the concept of strategy on institutionalization of safety of the system of socioeconomic relations consist in the following: cryptographic algorithms and infrastructure; organization of business models based on the new peer relations and touring technologies; development of practical solutions for the new generation business models. The car insurance market in Russia is represented by multiple companies, thus the main goal of car owners is to make the right choice of their insurance provider.
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