Электронный журнал Сельское хозяйство - №4 за 2018 год - Содержание - список статей - ISSN: 2453-8809 - Издательство NotaBene
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Contents of Issue № 04/2018
Economy of agriculture
Antonova D., Kozlov D. - Government support for the agricultural sector in terms of Russia’s WTO membership
pp. 1-6


Abstract: The research subject is Russia’s fulfilment of international obligations aimed at the restriction of government support for the agricultural sector in terms of WTO membership. According to the WTO Agreement on Agriculture, government support is divided into four types: the “amber” , the “green”, the “blue” and the “red” boxes. The main WTO’s principle in respect of these boxes holds that support measures should least of all distort trade and production. The research methodology is based on the statutory documents of Russia and the WTO and the general theory of micro- and macroeconomics. The scientific novelty of the study consists in legal and economical analysis of Russia’s fulfilment of obligations aimed at the reduction of government support for the agricultural sector. The results of the research help define the current problems and develop appropriate solutions. Particularly, the conclusions of the research help guarantee national food security, develop agricultural territories and raise profitability of the sector in whole.
Tinyakova E.A. - Agricultural fairs in the USA
pp. 7-11


Abstract: The research object is the peculiarities of agricultural sector of the USA and the tendencies of its development. The research subject is the analysis of agricultural fairs in the USA, the peculiarities of their organization, history and the way they promote the development of the country’s agricultural sector. The author analyzes the selected materials to find the features which can be effectively used in the Russian agricultural sector. Special attention is given to the fact that the American agriculture creates useful guidelines for the social politics and the development of power industry and culture. The research method applied in the study can be defined as comparative-analytical. The author analyzes the set of resources in English and some Internet resources. The author concludes that the USA’s example shows that in the 21st century, agriculture becomes a highly civilized type of activity contributing to social and cultural development and the development of modern technologies. America’s experience in the field of agriculture can be highly useful for the development of farm agriculture in Russia.  
Lebedev N.A. - Prospects for breeding ostriches in the Russian Federation pp. 12-16


Abstract: The subject of the research is the prospects for the development of ostrich farming in the Russian Federation. The article analyzes the historical experience of breeding ostriches in the Russian Federation. The authors study domestic and foreign practice of ostrich farming. It has been established that from a commercial point of view it is more profitable to breed South African ostriches. The authors substantiate the prospect for using a client-oriented approach in ostrich farming and the expediency of using an electronic accounting system that will reflect all life cycles of each specimen. On the basis of the SWOT analysis, the opportunities and risks of Russian ostrich farming have been established. Research methods include monographic, the systems method, the method of qualitative and quantitative expert assessments, economic and statistical, questionnaire survey, logical, sociological, analysis and synthesis. The study of opportunities for the development of domestic poultry farming, including ostrich farming, acquires special significance in terms of the sanction regime. The authors conclude that the ostrich meat market is not saturated, and there is no strong competition for market access due to the increased demand for poultry meat; there is a need to invest in the study and development of feed for domestic poultry.
Land and soil
Syromyatnikov Y.N. - Building a mathematical model of wedge-soil interaction process
pp. 17-24


Abstract: The authors consider the procedure of building mathematical models of stability of mechanical systems functioning as described in Lyapunov theory used for solving the tasks of agricultural mechanics. The authors describe the results of agricultural machines operation analysis. The authors build the dependencies which can help define soil pulverization angle for various tillage depths based on the given parameters. These dependencies help define the parameters of dynamical systems reducing their energy consumption, improving qualitative indicators and creating the conditions for equipment performance improvement. The described model of the physical essence of wedge-soil interaction process is widely used for solving various tasks of justification the parameters of tilling mechanisms. However, the physical essence of processes occurring in the tilled soil layer under the influence of a wedge has not been studied sufficiently enough. When using any stability theory, it is important to define ultimate strain values causing material deformations leading to the destruction of the initial structure. Ultimate stress values can be easily defined by experiment only for stretching strain and compressional strain. Consequently, to define the strains occurring in soil under the influence of wedge, we can accept a hypothesis that a tilled soil layer splits away from the elastic mass by bending.  
Veterinary Medicine
Verkhovtseva A.A. - Changes in the cytokine profile and its correction in dogs with bacterial dermatitis pp. 25-30


Abstract: One of the most frequent pathologies that a veterinarian encounters in practice is dermatitis of various etiologies. According to statistics, the number of visits of patients with dermatological diseases increases every year. One of the factors provoking the susceptibility of an animal to allergens is the current environmental conditions.Treatment of skin infections and allergies in domestic animals remains a problem that needs to be addressed. It is known that an important component of the pathogenesis of allergic dermatitis accompanied by further infectious, in particular bacterial dermatitis, is the cytokine factor. The aim of the work is to study the level of the main classes of cytokines in bacterial eczema and the effect of Apoquel on the change in these indicators.
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