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The seasonal development of Crocus in the Mari El Republic conditions

Okach Mariya Aleksandrovna

Head of the Introduction and Acclimatization Laboratory of the Volga Region State University of Technology

424030, Russia, respublika Marii El, g. Ioshkar-Ola, ul. Mira, 2 B

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Mukhametova Svetlana Valer'evna

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7892-6450

PhD in Agriculture

Associate Professor at the Department of Garden and Park Design, Botanics and Dendrology of Volga State University of Technology

424000, Russia, Mari El Republic , Yoshkar-Ola, Lenin Square, 3, aud. 245

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Lyamina Galina Vileninovna

Master at the Department of Garden and Park Design, Botanics and Dendrology of Volga State University of Technology

424000, Russia, respublika Marii El, g. Ioshkar-Ola, pl. Lenina, 3




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Abstract: Crocuses are beautifully flowering corm-bearing plants. They begin the growing season immediately after the snow melts. The research contains the results of phenological observations of 2014-2019 for plants of 6 Crocus taxa in the conditions of the Mari El Republic. Cultivars with early, medium and late periods of phenophase passage were identified. A flowering phenospectrum of the studied crocuses has been compiled. Crocuses vegetate from mid-April to early June for 40-50 days, and bloom from the third decade of April to early May. C. chrysanthus 'Prince Cloues' is characterized by the earliest unfolding of leaves and a short duration of their growth. The greatest value for landscaping is C. versicolor, characterized by the longest growing season and the earliest flowering, as well as C. chrysanthus ' Romance’ and C. angustifolia, characterized by the longest flowering within 2 weeks. The flowering of C. sieberi 'Spring Beauty’ is unstable. The obtained data on the seasonal development of crocuses can be used when including them in rockeries, alpine slides and other flower beds in natural-style gardens.

Keywords: bulbous plants, growing, duration of flowering, duration of vegetation, phenological observations, seasonal development, Crocus, corm, growth, botanical garden
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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