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Production of ecologically-friendly products in small businesses

Chupina Irina Pavlovna

Doctor of Economics

Professor at the Department of Management and Economics of the Ural State Agrarian University

620075, Russia, g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Turgeneva, 23

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Simachkova Natal'ya Nikolaevna

PhD in History

Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Economics of the Ural State Agrarian University

620075, Russia, g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Turgeneva, 23

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Abstract: The Institute of Organic Agriculture has outlined the prospects for an increase in organic products on the world market. Now its share is almost one percent. But these prospects were planned back in 2018, before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. At the moment, the increase in organic products of domestic origin is progressing at a rather slow pace. Such a prospect can be realized only with the effective support of the state for farmers and private farms, as well as the adoption of a regulatory framework for the development of organic products. The difficulty also lies in the fact that Russia's regions have a fairly moderate climate. The yields of agricultural products can not be called bad, but the transition to organic farming will significantly reduce the yield of products. Therefore, it is necessary to build up experience and organize training courses for farmers for the production of ecologically-friendly products. Currently, agriculture is based on a public-private partnership. But this system has certain shortcomings, such as corruption and inefficient management of the existing agricultural resources. Peasant (farmer) farms and personal subsidiary farms can rightfully be considered as a promising form of farming in rural areas. But large enterprises can also increase the volume of their products due to contractual relations with small businesses. This can also be cattle fattening, or poultry farming, when handing over finished products from farms and personal subsidiary farms. Moreover, farms and private subsidiary farms always need suppliers. 

Keywords: public administration, agricultural entrepreneurship, rural areas, cooperation, agriculture, agrarian reform, small businesses, organic products, foreign experience, agricultural sector of the economy
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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