Статья 'О некоторых вопросах организации земельного кадастра и землепользования в Республике Казахстан в свете экономических реформ' - журнал 'Сельское хозяйство' - NotaBene.ru
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About some questions of the organization of land registry and land management in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the light of economic reforms

Masimov Aslan Karimovich

PhD in Economics

Doctoral candidate, Kazakh Humanitarian Law University

010000, Kazakhstan, Astana, Koshkarbekova Street 2




Review date:


Publish date:


Abstract: This article is dedicated to the examination of certain issues of organization of land cadastre and land management in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the light of economic reforms. The author believes that the main problem of the theory and practice of land administration – establishing its functions. Each of the functions of land administration generates a set of measures, a system of elements, composition and content of which define the specific functions for this task, as well as methods and means of their solution. This allows each individual control functions to be relatively separate direction of management activities in the field of land use. The objective basis of the organization and implementation management of land resources are economic, environmental, social and other laws. This should be fundamental in determination of the functions of land administration. A change of formation is an objective need for fundamental change of target purpose of land cadastre. This is due to the fact that the earth, retaining its function as the main means of production, the spatial basis and the most important natural resource, is real estate. In this regard, each plot of land should legally to the status of the property and to be a part of property of legal entities and individuals.

Keywords: operations, efficiency, practice, land use, organization, questions, Kazakhstan, cadastre, land reform, management
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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