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Contents of Issue № 02/2023
Inner world
Kudinov S.I., Kudinov S.S., Kudinova S.S. - Features of the Manifestation of Patriotism among Students with Different Attitudes to a Special Military Operation pp. 1-13



Abstract: The article presents the results of an empirical study characterizing the dependence of the manifestation of patriotism and attitude to a special military operation among students. The relevance of the research is due to the socio-political transformations of the domestic and foreign policy of the state, which require a revision of the system of patriotic education of young people based on basic, national and historical values. Changes in the architecture of interstate relations require the restructuring of the formation of a person who is ready to defend the priorities of his country in various spheres of life, which is impossible without a true patriotic attitude to his homeland. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study was a systematic approach developed by domestic researchers B.F. Lomov, V.S. Merlin, V.D. Nebylitsin, A.I. Krupnov, etc.; a holistic and functional approach to the study of personality traits and character traits (Krupnov, 1994), studies of patriotism (Kudinov, 2017,2018; Gavrilushkin, 2012; Lutovinov, 1997; Potemkin, 2009; etc.). The questionnaire "Patriogram" was used to study patriotism (Kudinov, Potemkin, 2008). To identify the attitude of students to a special military operation, an author's questionnaire was developed. The results of the study on a sample of 109 students of Moscow universities, followed by mathematical and statistical analysis, allowed us to establish statistically significant differences between the indicators of patriotism among students with different attitudes to a special military operation. In general, it was found that there is no direct relationship between the indicators of patriotism and a positive attitude to the special operation. Low indicators of patriotism are also not directly related to a negative attitude towards their own. The empirical data obtained indicate that the students consider patriotism in a broad context and does not associate this personal property with confrontation in relation to the outside world. The results of the study prove the need to improve educational activities aimed at the formation and development of patriotism at different stages of education.
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