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Humanitarian Students' Perceptions of Friendship and Love

Bessonova Arina Dmitrievna

student of the Department of Social Psychology at Moscow State Regional University

105005, Moscow, ul. Radio  10 А




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Abstract: In article results of empirical research of ordinary representations of modern students about friendship and love are stated. These relations act as basic, fundamental and is integral personally significant vital relations. In work the lack of modern researches in the field of the fundamental vital relations as the modern world has dynamic impact on development of the person, including on his relations in the most various aspects is noted. In what party there are these changes to psychologists, teachers and society as a whole need to know.In empirical part of research results of associative and projective diagnostics are presented. Features of associative perception understanding of the relations of friendship and love are described, subjective classifications of friendship and love and as the correlation relations between value judgment by respondents of experience of friendship and love in the life and parameters of tendency to sympathy or love experience, style of the interpersonal behavior, the standardized techniques measured by scales are defined are systematized.The scientific analysis of results of research showed that concerning friendship and love of representation of youth don't duplicate habitual ordinary stereotypes. For example, the associative perception understanding students humanists of a phenomenon concept "friendship" is positive focused, not containing negative aspects of an assessment. In too time, an associative array of the concept "love" includes both positive, and negative words characteristics. In associative estimates and classifications-tipologiyakh of the relations of friendship and love reflection of subjective experience of respondents, their actual experiences and the relations dominates. Smyslo-obobshchenny social experience and reflexive erudition are presented considerably to a lesser extent. The analysis of the correlation relations between studied parameters showed the potential of positive interrelation between tendency of respondents to the love and sympathy relations and existence of such relations in their life, and as, an appreciation of the relations of love, as a whole in life of people.

Keywords: subjective, perceptions, everyday, consciousness, friendship, love, associations, classification of types, peculiarities, relations
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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