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Masculine Standard Directions of Modern Men of Different Ages

Kulagina Nataliya Vladimirovna

PhD in Psychology

associate professor of the Department of Humanities and Natural Sciences, Bereznikov Branch of the Perm State University

618547, Russia, Permskii Krai oblast', g. Solikamsk, ul. Severnaya, 44

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Abstract: The article opens a problem of transformation of ideology of a maskulinnost in modern society. The review of the researches staticizing this problem and showing that following to norms of traditional masculine ideology determines problems of mental and physical health at modern men is submitted. The purpose of the article is to to acquaint scientific community with results of empirical comparative research of degree of expressiveness of masculine standard installations at modern men. The object of research is masculine standard installations of modern men of different age in different spheres of life such as personal, family, professional. 150 men living in the cities of Verkhnekamye were studied. For collecting empirical data the diagnostic tools were used: a questionnaire "Man's standard installations", the author L. Luyt, in I. S. Klyotsina and E. V. Ioffe's adaptation; technique "Cast in a family", authors Yu. E. Alyoshina, L. Ya. Gozman, E. M. Dubovskaya; questionnaire "Professional gender installations of men", author Yu. G. Tishchenko. It is revealed that modern men of different age have a representation of masculine standard installations in personal and social spheres it is expressed around average values: men of age have "youth" an integrated indicator of a normativnost at the level of average value, and men of age have "maturity" and "maturity" at the level above an average. In the family sphere the standard ideology of a maskulinnost is practically not shared by young men, their ideas of distribution of family roles are displaced towards egalitarian model. Men of more advanced age, are rather patriarchal in this question. Masculine standard installations of the vast majority of men of all age in the field of distribution of professional roles reflect aspiration to man's domination in this sphere, commitment of a vertical professional segregation. The submitted empirical data can expand borders of psychological knowledge concerning degree of commitment to norms of a traditional maskulinnost of modern men of different age. Results of research can be used in advisory practice of experts, when developing training courses and special courses on gender psychology, psychology of the personality, family psychology, and also when carrying out further researches in the field.

Keywords: egalitarity, traditional model of masculinity, family roles, professional segregation, modernized model of masculinity, masculine standards, masculinity, homophobia, hegemonic masculinity , gender stereotypes
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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