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Technology of reality realization – approach of psychological consulting

Gafarova Ol'ga Nilovna

General Director at Resource Center 'Integration' LLC

392000, Russia, g. Tambov, ul. Sovetskaya, 90, of. 3




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Abstract: Technology of Reality Realization (ToRR-approach) is a conceptually developed matrix modality, to be equally applied in psychological consulting and psychotherapy, coaching and business-consulting, education and enlightenment. Due to implementation of the ToRR approach into the work of psychological “Resource Center “Integraziya” (http://nlptherapy.ru) the term of elimination of clients’ neurotic states, addictions and difficult organizational and family conflicts has been reduced in more than two times, compared to 2010. The ToRR-approach is based on adaptive mechanisms of development and matrix (table of informational elements), displaying the direction of changes in one horizontal-structural level, the consulting model, having a vast spectrum of application and allowing to study the clients’ problems, particular environmental conditions connected to their problems, predict the main tendencies of their consequent life scenarios. And also the ToRR-approach allows making necessary recommendations for positive solutions of the clients’ problems. The ToRR- acts as a catalyst accelerating changes in the process of understanding and related personal development, creating a new quality of thinking and the nature of the client in the process of self-adjustment. The Technology allows to predict with some accuracy the development of future events and forecast them, tracking the dynamics of the process, and if necessary, change or adjust them to ensure sustainability and irreversibility of the positive results in the lives of our

Keywords: systemic thinking, new psychological methods, psychotechnics, short-term psychotherapy, ToRR-approach, psychological consulting, neurotic states, psychological approach, psychotherapeutic approach, consciousness expansion
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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