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Spiritual and Perinatal Psychology: Peculiarities of Restrospective Experience in the Altered State of Consciousness (Empirical Research)

Korneenkov Sergei Semenovich

PhD in Psychology

Associate professor of the Psychological Department at Far Eastern Federal University. 

690025, Russia, Primorskii krai, g. Vladivostok, ul. Aleksandrovicha, 50, kv. 57

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Abstract: Questions of perinatal psychology are considered. The theoretical and pilot study is constructed on the following hypotheses. The first: the person is a spontaneous being, all information in the period of a razvoploshchyonny state, and also during the perinatal period of development is stored in his soul. The second: being in meditation, the individual is capable to remember mental states and experiences which he experienced till the birth.Research problems: 1. To study scientific and yogichesky literature on a problem: a) unifications of consciousness of soul and mind of a fruit during the perinatal period of life of the individual; b) soul life during the previous period of its embodiment in a body of the person. 2. To check practical opportunities of integrated technology of training and self-knowledge in the awake and changed conditions of consciousness when studying the academic disciplines in higher education institution. 3. To conduct a pilot study of experiences, perception and thinking of the individual in the changed condition of consciousness during the different periods of perinatal development and during the period preceding entry of soul into a material body of the person.Object of research: the changed condition of consciousness. Research subject: features of perception, thinking and experience of individual consciousness: a) to a meeting with the impregnated ovum; b) at the moment and after formation of a zygote; c) in the first days of life of the child. The integrated technology of training and self-knowledge (»“ќи—) developed by the author in awake and the changed conditions of consciousness (CCC) was applied. Entry into ISS was carried out by means of the following methods: installation, control, concentration, music, meditation, hypnosis, auto-suggestion, prayer, sonastroyka. For the first time in domestic and world psychology and pedagogics integrated approach of training and self-knowledge in unity of the awake and changed conditions of consciousness is offered, approved and introduced in practice.New data on psychological features of perception, thinking and experiences during the perinatal period of development of the individual, and also at the moment previous meetings of a spermatozoon and an ovum, soul and a physical body are obtained.Mastering meditation allows to perceive consciously "other" reality, to accept the inner world and surrounding reality as a unit. Deep immersion in itself promotes approach of rest, harmony, knowledge, purity, fills consciousness of the personality with force and energy. An inner world the same reality for our consciousness, as well as external. It is possible to carry out self-research, self-training according to goals to meditations, to study a theoretical and practical course of psychology and pedagogics, anatomy and physiology, and also any discipline provided by the program of training in higher education institution.

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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