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Psychological Constitutions of Woman's Attitude to Her Future Child During Pregnancy

Anisimova Kseniya Anatol'evna

post-graduate student of the Department of General Psychology and Labor Psychology at Russian State Social University

107150, Russia, Moscow, Losinoostrovskaya str. 24




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Abstract: This article is devoted to psychological features of the relation to the future at pregnant women aged from 18 till 40 years. Pregnancy represents difficult and psychologically very various state. The physical, hormonal and social changes happening to the woman during this period, change her emotional state, and also the attitude towards, towards future child and the world as a whole. For the pregnant woman the mood swing, updating of alarms, the internal conflicts and not resolved psychological problems is characteristic. For studying of parental installations by the American psychologists E.S. Schaefer and R. K. Bell the technique of PARI (parental attitude research instrument) was offered. In Russia this technique was adapted by the psychologist T.V. Neshcheret. The technique includes 23 aspects signs. 8 scales characterize the relation to a family role: limitation of interests of the woman a family framework, cares exclusively about a family; feeling of self-sacrifice as mother; family conflicts; superauthority of parents; dissatisfaction with a role of the hostess of the house; "indifference" of the husband and his not inclusiveness in family affairs; domination of mother; dependence and dependence of mother. In total in research took part 180 people divided into two groups: 1 . The Conditional and Healthy Pregnant Women (CHPW) – 90 people; 2 . Conditional and healthy not pregnant women (CHNPW) – 90 people. Now in Russia studying of individual and psychological features of pregnant women is very actual. One of the most important aspects of this problem is the attitude of pregnant women towards the future child and a family, especially considering a disturbing and depressive background of mood throughout the pregnancy period. Data that for CHNPW characteristic such aspects signs as "feeling of self-sacrifice", "a dissatisfaction with a role of the hostess", "dependence on a family", "development of activity of the child", "evasion from the conflict", etc. were obtained.

Keywords: pregnancy, maternity, child, attitude, anxiety, depression, emotions, family, mother, PARI test
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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