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Contents of Issue 04/2014
Ursul A.D. - Global studies and evolutionary approach


Abstract: The present article examines the intense and clearly defined process of globalization of science, which is part of the global revolutionary transformation unfolding in all spheres of human activity. It scrutinizes the global trend of development of modern science, and particularly global studies. The latter focuses on the research on global processes and systems and the related systems synergetic phenomenon the global development. This trend in global research results in the emergence of a specific form of the interdisciplinary scientific knowledge, which is termed as global knowledge. This type of knowledge displays all global processes and systems that exist and develop on the planet Earth, from the perspective of the planetary integrity and evolutionary significance.Particular attention is paid to the methods and approaches used in global studies, i.e. evolutionary and interdisciplinary approaches and those related to spatial and temporal extension of the global research subject field.There was made an attempt to apply the integrative scientific methods and concepts in order to drive the emergence of some new global research areas. The use of the evolutionary approach in global studies, which was recently proposed by the authors of this article, gave them an opportunity to give birth to the new research fields, such as paleoglobalistics, cosmoglobalistics, futuroglobalistics and other areas. So-called evolutionary global studies is supposed to develop in line with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of global processes and systems in their evolutionary aspect. Above all, this development will unfold on the basis of the global (universal) evolutionism findings. It is expected that there will come a new - "evolutionary" - stage of global knowledge development, which will, in its turn, constitute the main subject of global development studies.
Riekkinen M.A. - Residence Registration as a Condition for the Implementation of Human Rights and Freedoms: International Legal Aspect


Abstract: International law provides us with a large amount of political, socio-economic and cultural rights. However, most of the rights are provided only if a person has official documents and registration. Residence registration is one of the necessary conditions for fundamental human rights.The article provides an overview of the legal issues related to residence registration, both in the former Soviet Union and in Europe. In the former Soviet Union, the issues of residence registration are associated with the remnants of the propiska system in the legal systems of individual states, as well as with the imperfection of modern population registration systems. In the European context, such problems are related mainly to the issue of irregular migrants.The author systematizes the recommendations of international human rights bodies in relation to the optimization of the residence registration system. She uses examples of legislative solutions found by Scandinavian countries.
Abgaryan D. -


Political science
Guliyeva M.E. -


Shkel S.N. -


Zakharov V.K., Golikova E.I. -


Bajrektarevic A.H., Posega P. -


Nikiforov A.A. - Capabilities and limitations of protest mobilization through the social networks


Abstract: The subject of this research is the effect of Internet-based social networks upon the emergence, dynamics, and specificity of the process of protest mobilization. The object of this research is the mass mobilization during the course of revolutionary processes and massive antigovernment campaigns. The author examines the possibilities of political mobilization through the social networks in Russia based on the conducted research of user behavior of the popular Russian social network VK. A special attention is given to the problem of spontaneous occurrences of mass protests, as well as the modern dynamics of the events of Arab Spring and appearance of the Occupy movement within the context of political science. The empirical part of the research is conducting using the descriptive method and statistical analysis of media behavior of the VK users. The theoretical analysis relies on the results of modern research in the field of media and communication studies, social movements, and conflict politics. The main conclusions of this research is firstly, affirmation of limited influence of the social network VK upon involvement of the youth into a mass protest in Russia; secondly, the general supplemental role of the social networks into the process of protest mobilization in the cases of typical political conflicts. On the other hand, the conducted analysis allows us to substantiate the possibility of a quality influence of social networks upon the dynamics of mass protests in the case of emergence of exceptional events that are transgressive for public consciousness, where the new media instruments are able to rapidly synchronize local demands, change their scale, and involve broad social groups into the message of protest and the culture of social opposition. The novelty of this research consists in refutation of the thesis of exceptionally high influence of social networks onto the forming of mass protest the ideal-political perceptions within youth. Alternatively, the results of this analysis allow defining the future directions of research on the causes and dynamic characteristics of the mass protests.
Shilova O.E. -


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